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Holidays to Egypt

Home to the River Nile, fantastic ancient temples and tall pyramids, Egypt is the perfect holiday destination for culture buffs, foodies and sun-seekers. Tourists are spoilt for choice on their Egypt holidays, thanks to its stunning sunsets, picturesque views and colourful culture.

If you like it hot and dry, Egypt holidays are the obvious choice for you. Temperatures in places like Marsa Alam average at a scorching 32°C in July and August, and even the January going rate of 21°C is on par with a typically sunny day during the British summer.

This exotic country certainly needs to be ticked off your bucket list; offering many cultural and historical experiences that you can only experience first-hand. Of course, one of the most desirable sites in the whole world is the Egyptian pyramids. Those at Giza just outside Cairo are the most famous, and you should be able to find tour organisers able to take you from your resort to the site if you don’t fancy hiring a car and making the journey yourself.

There’s plenty of history to explore outside of the capital though, such as the ancient Temple of Medinat Habu in Luxor. For something altogether different, take the whole family to the Red Sea Water World in Taba to enjoy the best in Egyptian scuba diving.

Egyptian cuisine is truly tasty, too and more familiar than you may think. Falafel, a popular food sold around the world actually originates from Egypt, as do the delectable dips of hummus and tahini. Fish and shrimp are also an important part of the Red Sea diet, and you’re likely to find them included in many of the local soups served in restaurants.


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  • The river Nile

    Egypt is a beach holiday with a difference – set your eyes on the longest river in the world, the River Nile. The history of this natural phenomenon is impeccable. The Egyptians used to sail across the river as much as we use roads to travel today, build boats and produce paper from the papyrus that grew alongside it. Seeing the River Nile for yourself is a remarkable experience and one of the many reasons why travelers holiday in Egypt, year after year.

  • Tasty eats

    Tantalise your taste buds on a holiday to Egypt. Feast your eyes on lentils, mashed fava beans and pasta, which are just a few of the delicious treats you can try and taste here. Got a sweet tooth? Think honey-glazed pastries, packed with flavour and filled with tasty figs, dates and nuts, with plenty of eateries to choose from.

  • Cultural treasures

    If you’re a culture buff who enjoys finding out the origins and history of your holiday destination, Egypt is perfect for you. In fact, Egypt has six thousand years of recorded history, on ancient tombs, wealthy pharaohs, fascinating temples and hieroglyphics. Watch an array of colours filter across the unique pyramids at the Pyramid Sound and Light Show, in Cairo. Or, experience the amazing imagery and architecture at Luxor’s Karnak Temple.


There’s plenty to keep you occupied on a visit to elegant Egypt. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters on a Tiran Island Boat Trip, cruise along the sands on a six-hour Quad Bike Safari Trip to Sahara, or ride atop a camel on a Sunset Safari Tour. By night, enjoy gourmet food as you sail past Cairo’s stunning skyline, on a Nile River Dinner Cruise. The atmosphere here is incredible, with belly dancers shimmying to live music performed by the talented house band.

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As well as the incredible monuments and ancient temples, there are a wide selection of surreal beaches that surround Egypt’s aqua blue waters. Egypt’s coasts are magical; with clear and calming waters, scenic sights of ornate resorts and ancient buildings that can be seen in the distance as you lay back on your sun lounger. Makadi Bay Beach is a tourist hot spot, located between the peaceful desert and the enchanting Red Sea Mountains.

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Food and Drink

Egypt is the perfect location for foodies; thanks to the fantastic dining experience this idyllic country offers. The delicious eateries here offer wholesome, homemade dishes. Choose from sandwich bars, bagel stalls, pancake houses, sizzling street food and gourmet bistros offering world-famous falafel to tuck into. Indulge in plates of flavoursome yet nutritious Egyptian cuisine at the charming Zooba restaurant, in Cairo.

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Holidays to Egypt are full of variation, with fantastic landscape views and glittering nightlife. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenes at the Giza Pyramids, as you watch the sun set.

A visit up to Luxor’s Karnak Temple will astound you; this amazing sight comprises a mix of Temple remains and historic chapels. The Karnak Temple is particularly special on an evening, illuminated and transferring traditional Egyptian imagery onto these architectural buildings.

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Top Destinations in Egypt


A holiday to Hurghada is a wonderful destination choice for many holidaymakers, thanks to the beautiful sun-sizzling weather, majestic coral reefs…



Luxor is home to The Valley of the Kings and is described as the world’s greatest open air museum.

Makadi Bay sea in Egypt

Makadi Bay

Located on Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera, the purpose-built resort of Makadi Bay is fast becoming a favourite destination for Brits in search of the sun.


Marsa Alam

A low key Red Sea resort, Marsa Alam offers uncrowded beaches, quality service and luxury hotels.


Sharm El Sheikh

With golden beaches, year round sunshine, amazing shopping and luxurious resorts, Sharm El Sheikh is a magical holiday destination.



Taba is the sun worshipper’s Red Sea destination of choice. With exclusive hotels, fine dining and unspoilt beaches, the resort oozes chilled out style.


Location of Egypt