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Holidays to Lapland


Visiting Lapland is the ultimate family holiday, with plenty on offer for adults and children alike. There’s no better place for kids to experience the magic of Christmas than in this arctic wonderland characterised by snowy scenery and the northern lights. There are several resort towns to choose from, each with a different vibe, but whichever one you choose you can expect cosy log cabins, sleigh rides and mystical forests.


Things To Do

The Lapland region is well-known for having as many reindeer as people, so a reindeer sleigh ride is first on the itinerary for a lot of visitors. You can ride through the tundra on a husky dog sledding expedition, where you can be driven around by a guide or learn to drive the sled yourself. Many travel providers offer packages that include a range of recommended activities, so you won’t miss a thing on your Lapland holiday.

Family Fun

As the home of Santa, Lapland is all about fun for the kids. If you’re staying near Rovaniemi, Lapland’s regional capital, Santa Claus Village is the place to be. The attached Santa Park is one of Finland’s top amusement parks where kids can make attend elf school, make their own Christmas decorations, and visit Mrs Claus’ Gingerbread Bakery. In Santa Claus’ Office, where children can meet the man himself.

Outdoor Adventure

With its miles and miles of untouched countryside, Lapland is a nature-lover’s dream. There are plenty of adventures to embark on, and so many ways you can traverse the wilderness on your Lapland holiday. Riding on a husky sled is a must for many visitors, and whether you are chasing the northern lights or just going along for the ride, it is sure to be exhilarating. Don’t forget cross country skiing, snowboarding, hiking and fishing too.

What To Pack For A Lapland Holiday

Whatever time of the year you go on your Lapland holiday, you will need to remember to pack a few things for the colder weather. Warm socks, base layers, thermals and suitable jumpers are the kinds of things you need to bring, as well as a hat, gloves and scarf. If you are staying in cabin rather than in a hotel, bringing along a torch could be useful as well.

When the weather gets warmer, you will still need to bring sunglasses and sunscreen, as you can still get burned when the rays reflect off the snow. A good pair of hiking shoes is a must as you will be out and about on your feet for most of the day, traipsing through snow and the great outdoors.

Waterproofs definitely can’t hurt, especially if you have little ones who will be playing out in the snow. A waterproof jacket is a must, and you could even get some pullover trousers if the weather looks to be especially snowy.

Chargers and batteries for your camera goes without saying, so you can capture the majestic northern lights, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

When To Go To Lapland

Many families want to go on their Lapland holiday to have a white Christmas, as you can meet Santa in November and December. This is a magical time of year and will make Christmas extra special when you can meet Rudolph, and go on beautiful frosty walks through the forest.

The snow will be there for most of the year in Finland, starting in October and staying until around May. This means you can do winter adventure activities for most of the year, whether that’s skiing or snowshoe walks.

In the colder months, there is usually light from 10am to 3pm, and this darkness means you’re more likely to catch the northern lights. There are special nighttime expeditions where guides will take you off into the wilderness, so you can experience this natural phenomenon in all its glory.

The summertime is out of season, and you will experience the midnight sun in peace and tranquility, without tourists. Hiking, camping, fishing and white water rafting are popular activities when the weather is warm, and you can expect heatwaves at peak times. Savour the spectacular scenery this country has to offer, as the forests and meadows come to life.


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