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Holidays to Paris, France

Paris is France’s capital and one of the most visited cities in the world. Millions of tourists flock to this beautiful and cultured city every year to see the famous landmarks, splash out on the numerous and varied shopping streets and sample the celebrated French cuisine.

From full weeks to just a city break for the weekend, Paris holidays can meet the needs of any traveller. The city is very compact and has great transport links (like the Metro service), which make it easy to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time. Whether you’re looking for a romantic break with your loved one or a wild weekend with a group of friends, Paris is the city for you.

Of course, when most people think of Paris, they instantly think of the Eiffel Tower, which has been standing tall in the city’s centre since 1889. However, the Champs-Élysées, The Louvre and Arc de Triomphe are just a few of the other unmissable attractions in this enchanting city.

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  • Exquisite cuisine

    Book a table at one of the many fine restaurants in the city and enjoy the finest, authentic French cuisine. Sample an enormous range of traditional and fresh French cheeses washed down with your favourite wine, or just let Paris pass by you as you sit sipping a freshly-ground coffee in a quirky cafe.

  • Captivating culture

    Paris is one of the most culturally-rich cities in Europe. Call in at some of the world’s most iconic art galleries including The Louvre, which houses the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa. Catch a show at one of the many theatres in the city or head for the museums and soak up Paris’s fascinating history.

  • Retail therapy

    Flex your spending muscle on a shopping spree in the many retail districts Paris has to offer. From high-end designer stores to quaint souvenir shops, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to collecting keepsakes for yourself and your loved ones back home.


From wine tasting to water skiing, Paris provides countless activities to suit the interests of every visitor. Book yourself onto a river cruise and enjoy a delicious meal as you take a leisurely cruise down the Seine and take in the surroundings of the city. Keep active on an educational walking tour, rent a bike and cycle past the iconic sights or hike in the nearby countryside.



Treat yourself to a city tour with a touch of luxury aboard the Paris Bustronome, which combines a sightseeing tour with a gourmet meal aboard a luxury bus. The comfortable double-decker bus features premium seating and a glass roof…


Cabaret Show at Moulin Rouge

Originally opening over 130 years ago in 1889, the Moulin Rouge in Paris is the spiritual home of cabaret, so there is nowhere more fitting to enjoy this classical form of entertainment than in this very building. The venue is the birthplace of the famous can-can dance…


Food and Drink

Foodies, look no further than Paris for a getaway to satisfy your palate. From the opportunity to sample local delicacies like escargot to tasting authentic French bread and sweet pastries, Paris is home to an enormous selection of eateries offering beautifully prepared dishes. Aside from diverse eateries, there is also a vibrant nightlife here; offering some of the classiest clubs in Europe.



If you are in search of gastronomic excellence in Paris, look no further than ASPIC, a small and quaint restaurant owned by chef Quentin Giroud. Attention to detail and the finest ingredients are key to this bistro’s success.


Bar Hemingway

The newly renovated Bar Hemingway can be found in The Ritz Paris and it exudes sophistication and class from every corner. From the leather booths and chairs to the wood panel walls, this bar is the epitome of French elegance.



Paris has an iconic sight around practically every street corner. Whether you are taking in the historic Eiffel Tower, one of the many immersive galleries or just admiring the fountains, there is no shortage of culture and history to get lost in. From world-famous paintings to panoramic views of a truly unique city, the sights in Paris really do suit all tastes.


Catacombs Of Paris

Situated beneath the busy streets of the capital, the Catacombs of Paris is an eerie yet fascinating attraction which is home to the remains of over six million people. Dating back to the 1770s, the underground tunnel was opened as a way of dealing with Paris’s overflowing cemeteries.


Coulée Verte René-Dumont

Coulée verte René-Dumont, also known as Promenade plantée, was once an old railway line that ran through the 12th arrondissement in Paris, which has now been converted into a tranquil walkway with plenty of fascinating features, plants and lush greenery along the way.


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Miles of powdery soft white sand and turquoise water give way to towering mountain peaks and sprawling vineyards in this French-Mediterranean island paradise.


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