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Situated in the south of Germany, Munich is referred to by the locals as ‘The northernmost city of Italy’ thanks to the city’s cosmopolitan style and love of alfresco coffee.

There’s so much to see, from the magnificent town hall and cathedral to the beautifully landscaped ‘Englischer Garden’, the largest public park in Europe. In the winter months the city hosts some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the whole world.

Of course Munich’s most famous attractions are the historic beer halls, which serve giant litre glasses of the delicious local brew accompanied by gloriously filling chicken and pork dishes.

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just looking for a bit of stag-do refreshment, you’ll love drinking like a true Munchener.

No trip to Munich is complete without taking a look at the famous surfers of the Englischer Garden. The city has become a favourite destination for a new breed of ‘urban-surfer’ looking to catch a wave right in the heart of Europe. The actual surfing takes place on the fast flowing stream that runs through the park, where a natural ‘break’ under the water creates a kind of endless wave for the surfers to show off their skills.


Sports fans will love visiting Munich’s Olympic stadium, which hosted the event in 1972 and subsequently became home to German football giants Bayern Munich. In the summer months it is even possible to take a guided tour up on to the stadium’s iconic plexi-glass roof – and for the really brave, to take a zipline down through the stadium!


If you find yourself in the Bavarian capital for a few days, a great idea is to take an excursion over the border to Austria. A train to the famous city of Salzburg where they filmed ‘The Sound of Music’ takes just a couple of hours.

Like use Brits, Germans don’t have a great world-wide reputation for their cuisine. However, Munich has a much more advanced culinary scene than you might expect.


Thanks to its cosmopolitan style and trendy art scene, there’s a wealth of different options available if you’re seeking a bit of high-quality world cuisine.


The six breweries that have made Munich beer famous all around the world, still dominate the drinking scene in the city. Look out for the local favourite ‘Augustiner’ as this is said to be the best of the bunch.

Location of Munich

Key Facts

  • Language: German
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Difference from UK: 2
  • Flight time: 2
  • When to go: All year round