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Activities, Greece

Activities in Greece are rooted in adventure. Take a day trip by boat and escape to beautiful Santorini, where you can immerse yourself in the steeped hills of beautiful architecture and picturesque island surroundings. Or, take a night tour to explore Greece’s historic past.

Boat Trips

During your Greece holiday, you will have the option to choose from a wide selection of boat trips. Take a romantic sunset sail in Santorini and watch the sun go down over the Aegean Sea with that special someone. While you watch the sun set, you can enjoy a barbecue of delicious and fresh Greek cuisine, complemented by a fine wine.

In the day, you can explore the amazing Santorini Volcanic Islands by boat, during which you can take in the natural and historic beauty of this remarkable part of the world. For an overview of the volcanic history of Santorini, a boat trip is the ideal way for first-time visitors to make their way around the area.

Private boat tours from Oia are also available to be booked, both for during the day and the evening. Whether you’re after a romantic sunset tour or a gorgeous day out, you will begin your trip from Ammoudi bay and sail around the caldera for a truly magical journey by sea.

Day Trips

Greece is a country which is surrounded by history and culture around practically every corner. That’s why Greece holidays are so popular with culture buffs and those who want to view iconic landmarks like the ancient ruins of Delphi, the Acropolis of Athens or the Parthenon. Fortunately, these and so many more can be packed into the various day trips and excursions you can arrange during your holiday to Greece.

Full day tours to the ancient ruins of Corinth never fail to disappoint visitors from all over the world, every year. Spend a day exploring the beautiful remains of one of the most historic parts of Greece.

For a day trip that’s truly unique pay a visit to the Cave of Lakes in Kalavrita. This old subterranean river crossing is on three levels and, during the summer, consists of 13 beautiful lakes.

Day trips don’t have to consist of history, though. Greece is also a metropolis for shopping and soaking up the latest in art and theatre.

Delphi Ruins

For a true glimpse of Ancient Greek history, make sure you pay a visit to the Delphi Ruins. Formerly known as Pytho, this ancient sanctuary is considered a must-see attraction for visitors from all over the world.

With the opportunity to hike up the trails to observe the incredible geometric buildings, Delphi is situated on the south-western slope of Mount Parnassus, which is an awesome spectacle to behold on its own. Climbing Mount Parnassus, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

There is a museum to learn the full history of this ancient setting. Wander freely around the ancient ruins and snap as many pictures as you like; Delphi is a photographer’s dream, offering remarkably well-preserved stone ruins and a backdrop of gorgeous mountains.

The earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to beat the tour groups. There are guided tours available to be booked, as well as the option to arrange your own visit.

Labyrinth Theme Park

The Labyrinth Theme Park, located in Crete, is the perfect day out for all the family. With plenty of interactive activities, there is something for everyone, all set in a park of 15 hectares.

Explore the three-dimensional Labyrinth, which is over 1km long and boasts stairways, towers, overhead bridges and rooms for you to take a break in. This incredible structure is suitable for all ages, although it is recommended children are accompanied by an adult.

Horse riding, pottery workshops, archery and many more activities are also available to be enjoyed during your visit to The Labyrinth Theme Park.

For a more modern activity, you can indulge in a few rounds of mini-golf on Labyrinth Theme Park’s impressive course.

There is also an on-site café, which is designed to reflect ancient Knossos. After a day of exercising your body and mind, head there to enjoy a wide array of salads, sandwiches, drinks and ice cream.


Whether you’re a culture buff, historian, art lover or archaeology enthusiast, Greece is home to so many museums, each dedicated to certain aspects of this remarkable country’s heritage.

One of the most popular museums in Greece is the Acropolis Museum. Enter the wondrous world of ancient Athens and view the original artefacts found on the sacred rock of Acropolis. Voted by the British Guild of Travel as “the best museum in the world”, the Acropolis Museum gives you the chance to see statues, artwork, dine in the second-floor restaurant which offers panoramic views of Acropolis and much more.

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi is another popular attraction. The permanent exhibition is centred around the history of the Delphic sanctuary and oracle, which spans from prehistory to late antiquity.

Alternatively, another choice is the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes’ Old Town. Gaze upon the beautiful mosaic floors of ancient Roman art, brought by the Italians from Kos. View the stunning ballroom and wander around the interior yard.

Night Tours

Greece doesn’t just have to be explored during the day, it is just as vibrant and exciting in the evening, too. Greece holidays give you the chance to embark on a guided night tour of various places of interest on the islands.

Probably the most popular tour is the Athens Night Sightseeing tour. So many of Athens’ famous landmarks are illuminated in the evening, making it an enchanting way to see the sights. Visit the Parthenon, which will be lit up by floodlights, and gaze at the stunning architecture from a completely different perspective. Round this tour off with an authentic Greek dinner show, where you can watch traditional Greek dancing over a meal of exquisite cuisine.

The evening tour of the incredible village of Oia is also immensely popular with holidaymakers. Watch the sunset as you head out on a night in Fira town, visiting the most romantic spots and visiting some of the island’s oldest bars.


Snorkelling in the Greek Islands is an opportunity to explore the crystal blue waters surrounding them.

Head to Kefalonia’s rocky coastline, where boat trips can easily be arranged for experienced snorkelers to roam freely underwater. The Zoumbosub Diving Centre, located in Volos, is a five-star diving centre which offers its services to divers of all ages and ability levels. You will be led by friendly and knowledgeable guides, who will even take your photo while you’re underwater. Here, you will spot a great deal of exotic sea life.

Nea Peramos’ Aquaholics Diving Centre is also ideal for those looking to go below the surface of Greece’s beautiful coastline. Again, the instructors are very attentive and put everything they can into ensuring a fun and safe experience for all those who choose to dive. For the chance to get up close and personal with Greece’s marine life, be sure to stop by.

The Palace of Knossos

For a day out that’s jam packed with history and culture, why not pay a visit to the Palace of Knossos? The labyrinthine ruins have been passed down in folklore as supposedly being the former home to the feared Minotaur, the half-man, half-bull creature that devoured young virgins.

This ancient site is a must-see for so many people who visit Greece every year. Guided tours of the palace are available if you want to make sure you know all there is to know about this attraction. However, you are also free to pay a visit and roam freely by yourself.

If archaeology is an interest, the Palace of Knossos is an absolutely essential sight to see. Countless examples of ancient Greek artwork still adorn the castle ruins and the structure of this palace, although fragmented, is still standing tall. Don’t miss your chance to pay a visit to one of the best-preserved palaces of ancient Greece.


Water Parks

If you are in search of a day out for the whole family, head to one of Greece’s many water parks. The Greek islands host several water parks, which offer plenty to do for visitors of all ages.

Faliraki’s Water Park is one of the biggest family attractions on the island of Rhodes. There are plenty of water slides for all ages to choose from, as well as an enormous wave pool. Youngsters can explore the pirate ships and castles built into the water park, while older children can plunge down the thrill-packed slides.

Aqualand, located in Agios Ioannis, is recognised as one of the best water parks in all of Europe. With a mix of extreme games for over-12s, a family area and children’s area, Aqualand makes sure nobody is left out of the fun. Free sun beds give those who want to keep dry the chance to chill out, while the various places to eat and shop ensure nobody is bored.


Greece is home to a vast selection of wineries, each making a wide variety of delicious wine. Greece holidays are ideal for a wine connoisseur looking to experience a new flavour, or someone who just wants to learn more about the winemaking process.

Head to Santorini, the home of most of Greece’s vineyards, to visit Domaine Sigalas, which is spread over 3.70 hectares of land. The grapes are organically farmed and the winery works with over 100 small grape farmers, ensuring local and traditional customers are preserved as well as the wine they produce. Enjoy a private tour of the vineyard, followed by a seminar on wine and gastronomy.

Santo Wines, built right on the caldera, is one of Santorini’s more modern wineries, having been completed in 1992. Visitors can choose from a selection of wine tours, which will be led by expert guides who will describe the stages in the winemaking process, from grape reception to bottling.