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Beaches, Greece

Greece actually has one of the longest coastlines in the world, stretching as far as 16,000 km. Each and every beach situated in beautiful Greece offers glittering turquoise waters and white sandy bays. Even better, there are a handful of secluded, unspoiled beaches where you can unwind entirely.

Balos Beach

Hiding towards the north west tip of Crete between the Cape Gramvousa and Cape Tigani, is a beach like no other; Balos Beach. The stunning mountainous views, soft white sands and beautiful turquoise waters make this one of the most popular beaches in Crete. The beach’s natural beauty has made it a major attraction for all visitors to the island; Prince Charles and Princess Diana even visited the beach once on their private yacht.

Also sometimes referred to as Balos Lagoon, Balos Beach is a dream for nature lovers. It is often frequented by a range of wildlife, including seals, sea turtles, falcons and even mountain goats. For this reason, the beach has been made a protected area, to ensure that the rare wildlife’s habitat remains intact for future generations. The waters are warm and shallow towards the shore, but deeper areas which are full of fauna and flora can be found further out, ideal for avid swimmers and snorkelers. A number of canteens are on site to provide visitors with refreshments.

Canal D’Armour Beach

Also known as “The Channel of Love,” Canal D’Armour is a beautiful, unique beach on the Greek island of Corfu. It is a small beach with a limited amount of sun beds, so you will have to arrive early to get a spot, but when you get there, you’ll be more than happy you made the extra effort. This golden sandy beach, is enclosed by two yellow sandstone cliffs stabbing into the sea from the coastline. This provides a small, sheltered beach area and a secluded section of the sea for swimmers to enjoy. The Canal D’Armour beach is a stunning natural marvel which is perfect for visitors to gaze at while they unwind between its cliffy walls.

The beach is formed as a result of the seawater eroding the soft sandstone rock further inland, creating a number of fascinating caves and rock formations, which are great to explore. It is also believed that all couples who swim there remain in love forever, which is what gave it the “Channel of Love” pseudo name.

Lalaria Beach

Named after the Greek word for pebbles, Lalaria beach is one of Greece’s most famous and picturesque beaches, with turquoise waters and fascinating rock formations providing the perfect backdrop for visitors to take in while they unwind. This beautiful beach, which sits on the northern coast of Skiathos, is made up of pristine white pebbles which are naturally formed only in the area of Lalaria beach, making this the only beach in the world you can see pebbles as round and white as they are here.

The beach’s distinctive arch rock formation, known as Tripia Petra, features on many Skiathos post cards and it is said that those who swim through it get younger over time. Lalaria beach is only accessible by boat from Skiathos Town port, but it is more than worth the short 10 kilometre trip. It is essential that holidaymakers in Skiathos visit this stunning, unique beach at some point during their stay.

Mytros Beach

Surrounded by the feet of two tall, striking mountains, Myrtos beach is a spectacular beach on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia. Found towards the north west of the island, this half mile, cobblestone beach is regarded as Kefalonia’s most dramatic beach and has been voted as Greece’s best beach on several occasions. The clear waters are home to a wealth of small fish, making it great for snorkelling and there’s a cave for curious beach goers to explore and enjoy.

The beach can be reached by travelling down a windy mountainous road, giving spectacular aerial views of the peaceful haven that awaits at the bottom. During peak season, a bus service runs to the beach from the Agia Efimia harbour area to make it more accessible for holidaymakers. There are plenty of facilities on site, including an ice cream shop and numerous Greek tavernas and beach bars, helping to provide visitors with a blissful day on the beach.

Porto Katsiki Beach

Sitting at the bottom of a pale concave cliff on the Greek island of Lefkada, Porto Katsiki is renowned for its glorious blue seas and stunning natural landscape. The impressive, grass topped cliff which soars above the beach provides visitors with an astounding view to enjoy while unwinding on the beach’s sandy shores. The beauty of the beach makes it one of Lefkada’s biggest tourist attractions and it is widely considered as one of the best beaches in Europe.

The beach is well equipped with handy facilities available once you arrive, with sunbeds and parasol umbrellas available to hire and a number of canteens to provide visitors with snacks and refreshments throughout the day. Porto Katsiki is accessible via road; there is a parking lot at the top of the hill for drivers to leave their vehicles, this is next to a staircase which leads down to the beach. Alternatively, the beach can be accessed via taxi-boat from Nidri and Vassiliki.

Red Beach

The aptly named Red Beach in Santorini is one of the most unique beaches in the world. Below the surface, the rock formations make for fascinating snorkelling in the clear blue sea, while above the surface, the combination of bright colours make this beach feel other-worldly. The Red Beach is known for its distinctive red coloured sand, which is formed of crushed volcanic rock from the Santorini volcano that sits just a short distance away from the island.

As well as the fascinating red sand, there is plenty of intriguing scenery for visitors take in during their visit to this extraordinary beach, including the striking red cliffs that sit behind the beach and the numerous volcanic rock formations that can be found poking out from the top of the sea’s surface.

The beach is well-equipped with two canteens on site providing supplies for visitors, but it is also very popular due to its fascinating and unique nature, so arrive early to make sure you get a prime spot on this mesmerising beach.

Shipwreck Bay

Navagio Beach, better known as Shipwreck Bay, is one of the most iconic beaches in Greece. The exposed cove, which lies in Zayknthos, is home to the shipwreck of the MV Panagiotis freight liner, which ran aground when sailing in poor conditions. The ship was thought to be smuggling contraband items like wine and cigarettes, giving the Bay a third name of “Smugglers Cove”.

The shipwreck adds a unique twist to this already spectacular beach. The golden sands are surrounded by spectacular towering cliffs which are a pristine white colour. The cliffs combine perfectly with the inviting turquoise waters, creating a picture perfect backdrop; it is referred to by some as the most beautiful beach in the world. The beach is bedded into the coastal cliffs of Zayknthos, meaning it is only accessible by boat, but boat trips to the beach are widely available, making it accessible for tourists looking to visit the beach and see the unique, stunning scenery in person.

Super Paradise Beach

With events and parties taking place throughout the summer, Super Paradise Beach on the island of Mykonos is one of Greece’s best party beaches. By day, the atmosphere is tranquil and serene, but by night, the serenity transforms into a lively party atmosphere, as hoards of clubbers descend on the Super Paradise Beach Bar. Delicious cocktails and talented DJs playing loud music make Super Paradise Beach a favourite amongst all of the island’s avid party goers, including celebrities.

During the day, the laid back atmosphere is perfect for those looking to relax and unwind. The beach is lined with holidaymakers looking to soak up the sun and swim in the shimmering Aegean Sea, before enjoying a tasty snack. Those looking for a more exciting way to spend the day can enjoy the range of water sports available, which includes jet skis, inflatable rings and sofas, parasailing and even the chance to use a flyboard. Super Paradise beach is the ultimate location for young holidaymakers to stay at all day and all night.

Thapsa Beach

Thapsa Beach is one of the most glorious hidden gems on the Greek island of the Euboea. This remote beach is a natural utopia which can only be reached via a 4X4 car, as the road that leads down to it is a 10 kilometre dirt track. However, when you arrive you will be rewarded with a magnificent landscape of bright white pebbles, tranquil blue waters and grass topped cliffs. The beach is west facing, which along with the cliffs, helps to provide protection from the strong northern winds which are regularly present in the area.

In order to maintain the its natural beauty, no leisure facilities have been established on Thapsa beach, so you will need to bring your own to supplies and refreshments if you intend to stay here for the whole day. Try to refrain from leaving early though, or you risk missing out on seeing one of the magical sunsets which can regularly be seen here at the end of the day.

Vlychada Beach

Also known as “Moon Beach” due to its moon shaped landscape, Vlychada Beach is a stunning beach on Santorini’s south coast, recognised for its unique cliffs and dark volcanic sand. The tall jagged cliffs set behind this beach are a natural marvel and set it apart from any other. In places, the wrinkled appearance of these magnificent cliffs make them appear like giant manmade sandcastles, but they are in fact formed as a result of the wind and sea eroding the volcanic rock which comprises the cliff face. Volcanic rock is also the reason for the dark coloured sand that can be found at this beach, which is created by the compression of ancient volcanic rock into sand over thousands of years.

This amazing beach, which even holds a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award, also has a fabulous beachside tavern close by, which provides beachgoers with delicious traditional Greek food and crepes.