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Holidays to Ornos, Mykonos


Ornos, just a short journey away from Mykonos Town, is an absolute haven for families with its soft, sandy beach and clear, calm waters. The summer winds also don’t affect Ornos that much thanks to the sheltered bay that is surrounded by hills dotted with white houses. Water sports are also available around the area for active families and teenagers that might want an adrenaline-filled experience to balance out the quiet beach life in Ornos.


Ornos is surrounded by water on two sides, but it is the south side of water which is home to the popular beach. There are plenty of sun loungers here throughout the summer months and tavernas are dotted along the sand. Water taxis are also frequent enough to make the journey to other beaches around the south coast of Mykonos. Head to Agrari Beach for peace and quiet or Psarou Beach for some late night partying.

Things To Do

Apart from soaking up the sun on the beach, Ornos is a centre for exploring Mykonos. The small fishing harbour at the end of the beach is where to catch a water taxi from and there are boats that take visitors to UNESCO heritage site of Delos. Ornos is also 5 minutes bus journey away from Mykonos Town so if you need to do some souvenir shopping or want to wander the winding streets, it’s easily accessible.

Food And Drink

Since Ornos is directly on the coast, there is a delivery of fresh fish every day to supply the restaurants and beach bars in the town. Grilled fish is a popular dish on the menus around Ornos as well as dishes featuring halloumi and feta cheese. The beach bars on the coast often blend into places for evening drinks once the sun goes down and they’re the perfect place to grab a cocktail after dinner.

COST OF A BEER Around €3
3 COURSE MEAL Around €20

Top Resorts in Mykonos

Agios Stefanos

For a relaxing, peaceful, blissful holiday away in the sun, Agios Stefanos is the perfect place for a simple holiday. The sweeping beach is a big draw, with soft sand welcoming anyone who wishes to spend the day there.


Location of Ornos


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