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Beaches, Budapest

Since Budapest is a city, it’s expected that beaches don’t exist here, but that’s where you’re wrong; Budapest is home to a good couple of beautiful beaches. Lounge in the sun, use a flyboard or go on a scuba diving adventure at Lupa Beach. Római Beach in North Buda is another popular spot; this riverside beach is perfect for the whole family. So, grab your sun lotion and towel and enjoy a beach trip during your thrilling city break.

Lupa Beach

If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind while on your busy break to Budapest, make sure you stop by the newly reopened Lupa Beach in Budakalász. Equipped with new (and extremely comfortable) sunbeds and modern parasols – complete with soft mattresses and pillows, Lupa Beach provides a spot of beach luxury when it comes to soaking up the sun. In fact, the pristine white sands and refreshing blue waters of Lake Lupa make this the perfect place to put your feet up and relax during your holiday.

However, Lupa Beach isn’t just about sitting on sunbeds all day, there is an exciting range of activities on offer for the more restless beachgoers to enjoy. This includes new exciting experiences like flyboarding, scuba diving, wakeboarding and playing a game of beach volleyball. There’s also street workout equipment available for those looking to keep on top of their fitness during their stay. Meanwhile, the little ones will love the aquatic adventure park: an inflatable obstacle course which floats on the idyllic nearby lake.

Római Beach

Római Beach (which translates literally into Roman beach), is an idyllic riverside beach ideal for families visiting the North Buda. This pristine sandy beach, which stretches along the famous Danube river is loved by locals as a peaceful leisure spot, where they can unwind and spend time with their loved ones.

Here, you will get an authentic taste of Budapest and enjoy a friendly beach experience alongside those from the local community. The recreational beach area features a natural reserve and water sports such as kayaking and canoeing, ideal for those looking for a physical activity to do during the day.

During the summer months, there are also a number of bars and cafes open on the promenade serving traditional Hungarian street food, allowing you to enjoy a tasty snack while unwinding on the soft sands. The beach is located outside of the bustling city centre, but not to worry – it is really easily reachable via bus. It’s definitely worth venturing here during your trip to Budapest, so you can experience Romai Beach’s traditional Hungarian character and ambience.