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Beaches, Budapest

Since Budapest is a city, it’s expected that beaches don’t exist here, but that’s where you’re wrong; Budapest is home to a good couple of beautiful beaches. Lounge in the sun, use a flyboard or go on a scuba diving adventure at Lupa Beach. Római Beach in North Buda is another popular spot; this riverside beach is perfect for the whole family. So, grab your sun lotion and towel and enjoy a beach trip during your thrilling city break.

Lupa Beach

If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind while on your busy break to Budapest, make sure you stop by the newly reopened Lupa Beach in Budakalász. Equipped with new (and extremely comfortable) sunbeds and modern parasols…


Római Beach

Római Beach (which translates literally into Roman beach), is an idyllic riverside beach ideal for families visiting the North Buda. This pristine sandy beach, which stretches along the famous Danube river is loved by locals as a peaceful…