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Holidays to Reykjavik


Reykjavik, Iceland is one of the hottest cities to visit right now. Well, it might not be so hot in temperature but the world’s most northerly capital is certainly having its time in the spotlight. And is there any wonder why when Reykjavik has some of the hottest clubs and bars, interesting art galleries and museums and it’s also used as the main gateway to Iceland’s beauty spots such as the Blue Lagoon.


Things To Do

In Reykjavik itself, there are plenty of things to do to keep you entertained. From taking photos of the striking architecture of the Hallgrimskirkja Church to wandering around the downtown shopping area where you’ll find everything from popular brands to handmade local goods. To get your bearings of Iceland’s capital, hop on a sightseeing tour of Reykjavik where you can take a whole day to discover the magic of Reykjavik and its quirky personality.

Day Trips

Reykjavik is often called the gateway to Iceland and with tours setting off from the capital every day, that expression couldn’t be truer. One of the most popular tours is the Golden Circle where a tour guide will take you to the spectacular Gullfoss Waterfall, Geysir Hot Spring and Þingvellir National Park. Visiting the Blue Lagoon is also a popular trip from Reykjavik and is the perfect place to warm up in the geothermal pools.

Food And Drink

Although you can try the more unusual fermented shark, Iceland also has a huge variety of more regular tasty dishes to try out. From fresh fish such as the Arctic Char to delicious smoked lamb that gets its rich flavour from being able to roam free on Icelandic land. It’s the evening though when this city comes to life with street parties being a big feature in the summer and winter months suiting cosy cocktail bars.

LANGUAGE Icelandic
CURRENCY Icelandic Krona
COST OF A BEER 1200 kr
3 COURSE MEAL 6000 kr

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