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Holidays to Cancun, Mexico

The cosmopolitan resort of Cancun is Mexico’s first purpose-built tourist resort. After recognising the importance of the tourist trade to the future of the country’s economy, the Mexican government set about finding the perfect location for a holiday hotspot. With its crystal clear waters, tropical weather and pristine beaches, Cancun was the obvious choice.

Considered by locals to be the gateway to the Mayan world, Cancun has had to find a balance between modern and ancient cultures and attractions, whilst respecting its roots as a humble fishing village.

Traditional local restaurants and businesses still operate between the towering hotels and complexes which cater to tourists who travel from far and wide to descend on Cancun every year.

A favourite amongst American students on ‘Spring Break’, the resort is famous for its party scene, drawing in thousands of revellers between March and April each year.

However, if you’re looking for a family break, an adventure holiday or even the perfect honeymoon getaway spot, Cancun has something to offer you.

CURRENCY Mexican Peso, American Dollar
FLIGHT TIME London: 11.5 hrs

Top Resorts in Mexico

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a trendy resort with a European vibe, where tourists and expats gather to see and be seen. It’s quieter and smaller than neighbouring resort Cancun, which adds to its air of exclusivity.


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