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Poland is one of Europe’s largest and most geographically diverse countries. From the pretty seaside towns of the northern Baltic coast to the imposing the mountains of the south, there is an ideal destination for every holiday maker.

Poland’s continental climate means it is hot in summer and snowy in winter, opening the door to all kinds of holidays from seaside breaks to skiing and winter sports.

Poland’s tourist industry is going from strength to strength and boasts an ever increasing number of quality hotels and resorts. The country has managed to retain its great value so you have no excuse not to explore its many charms!

The cities of Krakow and Warsaw boast rich histories and thriving cultural scenes. Though both cities suffered during the Second World War and the subsequent communist regime, they have retained charming ‘old town’ quarters full of beautiful and unique architecture. Both cities are also brimming with cheap and tourist friendly bars for stags, hens or any travellers in search of a party.


For those who want to venture further afield, our top tip is Wroclaw. This charming city is fast becoming a tourist favourite for its sprawling baroque architecture and miles of Venetian style canals.


Gdansk in the north of Poland remains one of the cheapest cities in the country and is the perfect place to soak up more of Poland’s history. Take a stroll around the beautiful old town or visit the award winning European Solidarity Centre which tells the story of the Gdansk ship builders who helped bring down the iron curtain.


Skiers will fall in love with Zakopane, Poland’s famously picturesque ski-resort, which offers budget skiing only a short excursion away from Krakow.

Poland’s traditional cuisine has a growing reputation amongst the foodie community. For a quick snack or as part of a larger meal, you can’t beat ‘Pierogi’, delicious dumplings of unleavened dough, filled with an assortment of meats or vegetables.


The other quintessential Polish dish is the classic beetroot soup known as ‘Barszcz’. It might not sound very exciting, yet in Poland, Barszcz is often prepared days in advance to infuse it with a tantalising array of spices.


Poland is famous for its beer which balances great quality with amazing value. The traditional brew is a strong, hoppy lager which you’ll find locals and tourists happily supping across the nation.


For those with a strong constitution reccomends one of Poland’s world famous Baltic porters – an even stronger variety of dark beer that is typically around 9 or 10% abv!

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Located right in the heart of Europe, we think Krakow is one of the most diverse city-breaks Europe has to offer.

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Key Facts

  • Language: Polish
  • Currency: Zloty
  • Time Difference from UK: 2
  • Flight time: 2.5
  • When to go: Year-round