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Holidays to Carvoeiro

Situated bang on the coast of the Algarve, Carvoeiro is an area of immense natural beauty. Peppered with unusual rock formations, visitors are particularly attracted to this distinctive location because of the majestic cliffs that circle around its beaches, as well as the fantastic opportunities it offers to anybody with an interest in boating or fishing.

With cheap Carvoeiro holidays, visitors can see a classic example of nature at work and how the sea has shaped the geological landscape of the town. Of course, for those who would rather leave the analytical side of things to the more scientifically minded, it’s a great place to simply soak up the sun and make a splash in the water too.

As well as offering millennia of history, Carvoeiro has a modern significance as well – in 2013, it merged with nearby Lagos to form a new civil parish, incorporating the best of two very visit-worthy areas.



The Algarve is known to boast one of the most attractive climates in Europe, with most of the rain coming in midwinter, so summers usually very dry indeed. Even if you do make the trip in the winter, temperatures very rarely drop below freezing and there are plenty of indoor bars and spars to enjoy.

Summers can reach scorching temperatures, which is ideal for those who are attracted to the perfect beaches synonymous with Carvoeiro. If you’d like to explore the area to its fullest splendour, however, you might be best going for cheap Carvoeiro holidays in the spring and autumn, when the temperature is slightly cooler and refreshing showers regularly clear the air.

Remember that Carvoeiro’s proximity to the Mediterranean Sea means that even red-hot days are tempered by the presence of a gentle coastal breeze.

Things To Do

The best way to explore the stunning blue waters and eye-catching rock formations is to experience a boat trip, which will take you deep into the caves that have been carved out over thousands of years.

The area is also particularly popular with golfers, who often head to the Vale De Milho to tee off in this perfect climate.

Food And Drink

When immersed in this deeply Mediterranean culture, it would be a sin not to make the most of the fabulous local fruit and vegetables of the Algarve, as well as the meat reared on its land and the fish caught in its waters. Try out some of the delicious tapas on offer at the diners here, which showcase ingredients like salmon and tuna paste, as well as mussels, squid and clams.

For evening entertainment, heading up the hill to the Estrada do Farol is the best option. With live music spread across the bars almost every night, it’s easy to find something to entertain you until at least midnight

If you hope to party later than this, Praia da Rocha will give you a lively time, and it’s only a short taxi ride away.

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