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Mount Fóia, Algarve

Mount Fóia is the highest mountain in the Algarve, being 902-metres long and is topped by several telecoms facilities – aerials, globes and the Radar Station N°1, of the Portuguese Air Force. You can reach the peak of Fóia by jeep, mountain bike or on foot, but it is quite a hike. At the top, there is a large carpark and a viewing platform, a chapel, a café and a craft gallery displaying work by local artists. On a clear day, you can see for miles and feel the breeze of the cool air.

The lovely market town of Monchique is very charming with lots of narrow cobbled streets crisscrossing up the hillside, with an array of cafes and restaurants. The central square boasts an attractive paved area with benches, trees and a lovely water feature, including an example of a Moorish water wheel. Monchique is a very quiet and relaxed place, which is ideal for pottering around and appreciating the fantastic views.