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Holidays to Garajau

While Garajau itself may be a small coastal village, it lends its name to a vast marine nature reserve created by the Portuguese Government in 1986 to protect the diverse sea life off the coast of Madeira. The subtropical waters hold a number of fascinating creatures as well as many fun activities, making it a perfect spot for people seeking cheap Garajau holidays.



Lying in a mild subtropical climate, Garajau has fairly stable temperatures all year round, so it is often much warmer than back in Britain, especially during the winter period. Off shore during the daytime, temperatures will be much lower than on land. However, staying by the coast will also provide a cooling breeze, so it can be less stifling than further inland.


As the nature reserve lies just off shore, many businesses have sprung up along the Madeira coastline to cater for the waves of tourists that visit the area. That said, as the protected area surrounding Garajau is so large, it is not hard to find a secluded beach or diving spot to explore.

Snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts flock to the area for its crystal waters and remarkable sea creatures, such as the endangered Dusky Grouper. Afterwards, they are well catered for back on dry land, with numerous bars and cafés. In fact, for many Brits on cheap Garajau holidays, the beaches near to the village may prove to be all the adventure they need.

Food And Drink

Brits on cheap Garajau holidays will be well catered for on Madeira. For example, you can try out traditional Portuguese cuisine with the family at the A Traineira in Canico, or share a few slices of exotic pizza with friends at La Carbonara Garajau.

Many of the restaurants and eateries are well stocked for British visitors, so you will not have to look too far for a taste of home. However, if you feel like being a little more adventurous, why not have some of the local grilled limpets, which are served across the island. Delivered to the table in a hot pan, add a squeeze of lemon and a touch of garlic to create a great start to any meal.

As Garajau sits on Madeira’s south-eastern coastline close to many other settlements, there are plenty of great locations for holidaymakers to enjoy themselves once the sun goes down. Whether this involves a few pleasant drinks with friends at Canico’s aptly named Restaurante Bar Garajau or live music in Funchal, the island’s capital, there are options for any taste.


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