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Beaches, Benidorm

What’s great about Benidorm is its location; it’s closeness to Alicante and Valencia means you can explore a range of blissful beaches across Spain. For sun-seekers, Poniente Beach is the perfect spot to sip an ice cold drink, while lazing under the Mediterranean heat. For those looking for a peaceful and secluded sunbathing experience, head to the quaint Malpas beach and enjoy the petite stretch of golden sands.

Altea Beach

Altea beach is a homely pebble and shale beach just a short distance outside of Benidorm that boasts great views and sits in front of a fabulous promenade.

This is a great beach for families as it has a very clean and well kept children’s play area and the sea is shallow, clean and calm because of an offshore barrier. It is also manned by a lifeguard just in case you or your kids encounter any problems in the water.

It is also very spacious and it has great facilities near by. There are multiple restaurants just across the promenade, and there are foot showers so you clean the sand off your feet before you leave.

Altea itself is a very cultural area of Benidorm that plays host to the Moors & Christians fiesta which is great fun for spectators of all ages and takes place on the 4th weekend of September every year.

Benidorm island

If you fancy a day away from the bustling Benidorm beaches, then Benidorm Island is a great family day out. It is a small, uninhabited, 7-hectare island situated just 4 kilometres from Benidorm and is accessible by a short 15-minute boat trip that runs daily from the Port of Benidorm.

There is loads to see there. There is a small rocky area where you can relax and go for a swim in the crystal clear waters which are fantastic for snorkelling. In calm seas the visibility can be as high as 25 metres, and they are home to an abundance of fish and other marine life, as well as caves and reefs. If you want to get even closer to the marvels beneath the surface, multiple companies offer scuba diving sessions. If you don’t want to get wet, you can still get close up views on a glass bottomed submarine.

The views above the surface are great too. Walk up to the top of the island and you will get an unspoiled view of the mountainous Benidorm coastline.

La Almadrava cove

La Almadrava Cove is a small 100m beach in the Sierra Helada natural park just outside of Benidorm. Because of this, it is far less busy than the popular beaches in town, so it’s ideal if you are looking for somewhere a bit quieter to relax away from all of the hubbub.

Its sandy shores and calm clear waters are home to an abundance of marine life, including a range of seagrass and groups of Salema Porgy fish, which are also known as “Dreamfish”. This makes it a great place to go snorkelling and scuba diving if you love getting up close to sea life in it’s natural environment.

The views aren’t bad either, the beach is south facing and overlooks the Isla De Benidorm, and there are a series of rock formations which hide even more sea life. The seabed is mostly sandy but there are also rocky areas as well.


Levante is a lively, family-friendly resort in Benidorm with a range of hotels and facilities to cater for whatever you are looking for from your holiday.

It is home to the lively Sunrise beach, which is perfect for families. It is free, cleaned every night and manned by lifeguards until the early evening every day. The sea is safe for kids and entertainers are on hand all day every day to amuse the kids while you relax. There is a wealth of cafés, restaurants and bars on hand throughout the day as well, so you’ll never be short of somewhere to satisfy your appetite.

It’s not just for families though, there is a range of water sports activities on offer and further out at sea, there is a wet playground with slides, rafts and diving boards, making it popular with teenagers too. It might be popular, but there are thousands of sunbeds available, so you’ll never struggle to find a space.

Mal Pas

Sitting between the main beaches of Levante and Poniente, the Mal Pas beach is a small, clean, 120m cove, making it one of the smallest in Benidorm. It’s much quieter and is a much calmer and more tranquil environment, but the golden sand and shallow water make it suitable for children as well. It’s manned by a lifeguard as well to make sure you and your kids stay safe while you swim.

It overlooks Benidorm Island, which is a great treat for scuba divers, as below here there lies an underwater marine reserve. However, if you don’t want to go that far out to see Marine life, you will also find a diversity of fish swimming in the shallows.

The Marina is nearby where there is a nice café, and the cove is a “blue flag” beach, meaning the facilities and conditions of the beach are at a high standard environmentally.

Playa del Albir

The Playa del Albir is a flat and spacious 600m beach just outside of Benidorm. It is a quiet and peaceful beach away from the energetic atmosphere at Benidorm’s beaches. It has gloriously clear and clean blue water and an astonishing view of the Sierra Helada nature reserve as well as the Penyal d’Ifac natural park.

It is a very safe beach which makes it ideal for families. In the summer months, it is manned by three lifeguards and there is an ambulance and first aid post on site in case anybody sustains any minor injuries. There is also a variety of facilities nearby including shops, cafés and a freshwater foot shower to clean your feet with at the end of the day.

Sitting behind the beach is the popular seafront promenade, decorated with plaques honouring Albir’s film festival award winners.

The Playa del Albir is also a “blue flag” classified beach, which is awarded to beaches with facilities and conditions that are of a high environmental standard.


If you are looking for a more relaxed beach away from the lively atmosphere at Levante, you will be a fan of Poniente beach. It’s a more authentic Spanish beach, that is much quieter and more relaxed than the Levante beach, but it still caters well to families and younger visitors. The sand is very fine, soft and golden, and there is a lot more space here too.

It is a well maintained beach lying west of Levante just beyond the Old Town. It is cleaned every night to keep it tidy and if your kids aren’t confident swimmers, the beach is manned by a lifeguard to keep you and your family safe while you swim.

It is close to town, with numerous restaurants, shops and ice cream parlours on hand to keep you refreshed throughout the day. The promenade that runs behind it is popular amongst those who enjoy a leisurely walk to take in the mountainous Benidorm scenery.

Tio Ximo Cove

Tio Ximo Cove sits between a duo of cliffs at the foot of the rocky Sierra Helada mountains. It is a small, 60 metre cove comprised of fine sand and pebbles and crystal clear waters. The waters are home to an abundance of fish and octopuses, particularly towards the sides of the cliffs, making it great for snorkelling.

It is also a very quiet beach. Only a handful of people visit a day so it’s ideal if you want somewhere to relax that is away from the livelier atmosphere at Benidorm’s main beaches.

Its location at the north of the resort by the Sierra Helada mountains means you can take in spectacular views while you unwind. It is also manned by a lifeguard in the summer months to keep you safe when you go for a swim if either you or your kids are lacking confidence in the water.