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Holidays to Bodrum


The ancient port city of Bodrum lies at the southern edge of the peninsula that stretches west into the Aegean Sea. Rich in both its cultural diversity and its combination of the traditional with modernity, Bodrum is a popular tourist destination with a reputation for wild nights out, beautiful architecture, excellent shopping a vibrant arts scene.

For centuries, Bodrum has been considered a place of great scenic beauty and natural wonder, and now it adds great beaches and tourist hotspots to this list of accolades. The peninsula is home to some of Turkey‘s most well-loved tourist resorts, including Gumbet and Kusadasi, and Bodrum Town. Each resort has its own identity and something different to offer, meaning there’s a resort to suit everyone on a Bodrum holiday!

The average summer weather in Bodrum is both hot and dry, with highs of a scorching 34°C and average temperatures in the late 20s. Winter weather is mild and, although it can be rainy, Bodrum has plenty of indoor attractions to keep the whole family happy.


Things To Do

As well as servicing tourists with its windswept beaches offering fantastic watersports opportunities, Bodrum provides plenty to see and do. Most notably, Bodrum is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Tomb of Mausolus. Completed in the 4th century BC, this mausoleum was built for a satrap – a form of a governor – of the Persian Empire and his wife.

From the ancient castle to the Ottoman mosques, whitewashed buildings and palm tree-lined esplanades, there is little doubt about the city’s appeal. The city spills over with wonderful shopping opportunities and, as well as traditional products like carpets, leather goods and souvenirs of Turkey, Bodrum is well known for its vibrant arts scene and some unique pieces can be procured at excellent prices.

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology is one of the city’s most visited attractions, offering tourists the chance to see some unique artifacts recovered from the ocean floor. Anyone impressed by ancient archaeology will not want to miss the opportunity to visit the Mausoeaum of Halicarnassus. The excavation is a link to Turkey’s past as one of the most important sites in the region. A cultural tour of the city’s ancient sites must also include the Pedasa Ancient City.

Food And Drink

As the principal city, it is little wonder that Bodrum offers such an extensive range of dining, from haute cuisine to traditional street food, and vegetarian restaurants to steakhouses.

International, European and Asian eateries are notable, as well as a dazzling range of traditional restaurants each offering their own unique take on the best that Turkey has to offer on a plate. Kebabs make for a much more appetising meal option than in Britain, and ‘meze’ (small sharing platters of food) is a common way to eat a meal. Gözleme, a thin pancake filled with cheese, vegetables and meat, is a popular Bodrum snack, and you have to try a Turkish coffee!

Known as a party town, Bodrum caters for all tastes. Popular with locals as much as its huge tourist population, the city really comes alive at night. Many of the tourists staying in the surrounding coastal towns migrate to Bodrum after dark and the sense of hustle and bustle starts to become apparent from dusk.

Fasil Cafe Rasit offers traditional belly dancing and live Turkish music, as well as some magnificent views across the bay and of the castle. One of the oldest bars in town, Veli Bar has various live music acts late into the evening as well.

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Top Destinations in Bodrum


Gumbet, a small resort near Bodrum town, is first and foremost a party town, attracting groups and young couples to its shores to enjoy the bars, beaches and watersports on offer.



Beach bums will find their heaven on Kusadasi’s 8 beaches. There are also waterparks and hot springs on offer for those who can’t bear to be out of the water!


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