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Holidays to Abu Dhabi

Do you want to visit a place with stunning beaches, inspiring architecture and glorious warm weather?  Most of all though, do you want a spot of luxury, somewhere that has had the Midas touch?  Well to match that criteria, there’s no better place to go than Abu Dhabi.

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has transformed beyond recognition in the last 60 years.  Just like its neighbour Dubai, but slightly less of a show-off, the city has sprouted a horizon of skyscrapers, developed a taste for fast cars and boasts some of the most majestic buildings in the world.  Yet, despite the ego the city probably should have, Abu Dhabi remains one of the most welcoming and friendly cities to holiday in.


Places To Go

If you’re looking for some fun on your holiday, Yas Island is entertainment central! For extreme thrills, seat yourself in the world’s fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World. Experience 4.8G’s and get ready for a hair raising ride which reaches speeds of up to 240km/h! Hold on tight as the ride launches you 52 metres into the air before blasting you through the chicanes! For more thrills Yas Waterworld has five one-of-a-kind rides, scream your heart out on the Liwa Loop, grab your friends and experience the Dawwama tornado ride or why not just relax in the warm weather and drift down the Lazy River.

It’s not all extreme rides here though, why not join in on a round of golf at Yas Links? Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or a professional, Yas Links provides a floodlit driving range or a world class 18-hole golf course to practice your swing at. Also, as well as Yas Beach, Yas Links is one of the best ways to experience the tranquil beauty of Yas Island.

For a real touch of elegance, visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This gloriously, magnificent building can hold up to 40,000 worshippers and is believed to host the third largest chandelier in the world. It’s extravagance at its finest! Visit at sunset for an atmospheric tour around the Mosque, where you can see the outstanding white and gold exterior transformed under the glow of the moonlight.

Away from the city, venture into the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi and go desert camping for the night. Enjoy a traditional meal among the palm trees and settle down in bed for the night. It might not be as luxurious as your hotel but camping under the stars is a unique way to experience the traditions of the UAE. Alternatively, go on a desert safari and blast through the Al Khaznah dunes on a 4×4, sand ski your way down the slopes or go camel trekking before making your way back to the bright lights of the city.

Food And Drink

Unless you’re visiting in the month of Ramadan, food is widely available throughout Abu Dhabi and is highly influenced by the United Arab Emirates rich history. Meals are blended with lime, cinnamon and turmeric flavours to name but a few, which definitely make for mouth-watering meal times!

Start the day with a cardamom and saffron infused, traditional Arabic coffee. This aromatic drink is a local ritual and often served in tiny bowls rather than mugs. If coffee isn’t your thing in a morning, fruit juice is also something of a speciality here in Abu Dhabi. Made to order and in whatever combination you like, stall vendors will make a refreshing mix of fresh fruit. Just the ticket to quench your thirst!

As your walking round the sights of Abu Dhabi, you’re bound to get a little peckish. Street-side cafes serve up a wonderful array of falafel, pita bread and Shawarma, a roll full of tender lamb or chicken. In the evening, try some of the local fish which is always sourced from sustainable stock and expect more flavour filled lamb and chicken dishes accompanied by rice, nuts, dried fruit and hummus. It’s making us hungry just thinking about it!

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