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Packing for a New York City Break

You’re looking for some New York deals, fashion capital of the world, and suddenly your suitcase seems way too small for your wardrobe. Never fear, we’re here to give you some great tips on packing for that long-awaited city break!

Comfy Shoes

It may have an extensive subway system, but New York is a city for walking; you see so much more and can really soak up the city’s lively atmosphere! With this in mind, pack sensible shoes that you know you can survive in for a whole day. New Yorkers are famously stylish so try to avoid the old pair of trainers you wear at the gym, but flat boots, Converse and ballet pumps are all good options.

Evening Dress/Suit

New York’s nightlife is not to be missed; whether you’re at a swanky restaurant, a chic cocktail bar or a Broadway show New Yorkers dress to impress, so come prepared! Ladies - pack at least one of your favourite dresses and include a pair of heels if you can; if not ballet pumps and sandals are easier to cram into a small space. Gents - be suave in a suit; a jacket and tie aren’t essential but make sure you’ve got a shirt and a pair of smart trousers.


Accessories are a girl’s best friend, particularly on holiday! When faced with a limited wardrobe, accessories are the key to breathing life into an old outfit; the dress you’ve been wearing all day can be revamped for the evening with a pair of heels and some bold jewellery.

Theft-Proof Bag

Like all big cities, New York has its thieves. Shoulder bags can easily be pulled off by a passer-by and rucksacks can be pick-pocketed literally behind your back! The best option is an across-the-body-bag; the design makes it harder to rip off and its position on your body means pick-pockets will be deterred by the high possibility of you catching them in the act.


New York is known for its unpredictable weather; you can wake up to blue skies and a few hours later find yourself running for cover through a downpour. The wise thing to do is invest in a folding umbrella that you can tuck into your bag and whip out if you need it! Another option is a waterproof jacket; slightly less flattering but it won’t blow inside out in the wind.

Seasonal Clothing

In winter temperatures in New York have been known to drop to below freezing, so pack wisely. There’s plenty of festive cheer going on to distract you from the cold but all the same, a thick coat, hat, scarf and gloves are essential. On the other hand, summers in the city tend to be hot and humid, so bring light, airy clothes that will help you survive the heat!

But most important of all…

Don’t overpack! New York is one of the best shopping destinations in the world, offering up-to-the-second fashion that usually won’t hit the rest of the world for another month or so. Taking a full suitcase to New York is like eating a Pot Noodle right before going to a Michelin-star restaurant; you’ll immediately regret it and end up crying over all the amazing stuff you don’t have room for. Instead, take an empty suitcase and a full purse, and get yourself a whole new wardrobe!

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By Kate Moxon - Online Marketing Assistant at