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Top Pool Floats That Will Make Your Summer Holiday

Statement swimwear is so last year – this summer it’s all about the statement pool float. Every star on Instagram has been snapped sunning themselves on their new holiday accessory, and there are some really bold designs out there for those who want to make an impression by the hotel pool. These are our favourite pool inflatables that have caught our eye this summer.


This bright pink flamingo cannot fail to draw attention! Around the beginning of summer Primark announced they were selling these for £9 and the internet almost lost its mind. Say hello to your new holiday bestie...

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Mermaid Tail

What girl can say they never spent hours floating around the hotel swimming pool as a kid pretending they were a mermaid? Most would admit they haven’t quite left those daydreams behind, and this mermaid tail pool float from Boohoo is nothing short of magical for all ages.

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Want to proclaim your love for pizza to the world? A pizza slice float is for you! If you’re going on a group holiday you can even buy a whole pizza with room for all – perfect for group sunbathing. The only danger is the constant temptation to order pizza for lunch…


Want to add a bit of mystical magic to your summer holiday? The unicorn pool inflatable is the must-have accessory you need in your suitcase. Most of the floats on the market come with rainbow-striped horn and tail, but some also have wings to transform them into a Pegasus.

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If you’re a water baby and haven’t managed to get your hands on a mermaid tail, a glittery shell is the next best thing. It’s also one of the more comfortable shapes to balance on – you can kick back and relax without having to worry about an embarrassing wipeout into the water.


For a new twist on the classic rubber ring, reach for the frosted doughnut with sprinkles! Float in style with your sweet treat, and on dry land you can have a go at hula-hooping it. It’s harder than it looks – trust us on this…

Drink Holders

Want to stay refreshed while you float? Pair your human-sized inflatable with a mini float can hold your water, soft drink or…who are we kidding – cocktail. These adorable inflatable cup holders can be bought from Primark for as little as £1.50.

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Have you got a must-have pool inflatable in your suitcase for this summer's holiday? Let us know in the comments!