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Picture paradise and you will no doubt think of a beautiful palm-fringed tropical island surrounded by beautiful golden beaches. Antigua can offer you just that. This remarkable Caribbean gem has months of summer sunshine, gently cooled by warm offshore winds. The island is almost entirely surrounded a thick coral reef, which helps to shelter the land from storms and large waves. What’s more, Antigua is shaped in such a way that you are never more than 7 miles from a beach! 

Things to Do

Like most Caribbean islands, some of Antigua’s greatest attractions aren’t actually on the island at all. Antigua makes great use of its calm tropical waters with several brilliant dive schools and sites. Alternatively, head inland and take a tour of Antigua’s sprawling jungle interior. You’ll find yourself transported into a magical landscape of thick rainforest and towering mountains. If you’re feeling brave, you can even try zip-lining across a jungle ravine.

Food and Drink

Most hotels in Antigua have their own restaurants which serve Caribbean twists on American and European dishes. What really sets them apart however is the locally-sourced fresh seafood! Eating out is possible, though bear in mind that around the major tourist hotspots like Nelson’s Dockyard, the prices may be a bit steep. For a cheaper option try the more relaxed beach bars and cafes that will offer hearty grub at a reasonable price.

Holiday Resorts in Antigua and Barbuda

Top Holiday Resorts In Antigua and Barbuda

image of Barbuda


Located to the north of Antigua, Barbuda's tropical climate and stunning natural geography are an obvious pull for tourists seeking sun, sea and sand.

Location of Antigua and Barbuda

Key Facts

  • Language: English
  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
  • Time Difference from UK: -4
  • Flight time: 8 hours
  • When to go: December - May