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George town is the capital and largest city in Exuma, a district in the Bahamas. Located on the Great Exuma Island, which joins a group of islands over 100 miles long. The Tropic of Cancer is the circle of latitude of earth, and is the most northern position on earth, which means the sun may appear directly overhead it, and this runs right the way through George Town, making it one of the most tropical and sunniest places to be.

The district of Exuma, the district of George Town offers stunning scenery and plenty to do. Exuma has many hidden and unique caves and coves for people to swim in, and are very popular with the more active tourists who are into snorkelling and diving. Bonefishing is also another Bohemian sport that is taken out on beaches here and can be a very family friendly activity. Why not visit Exuma's Cays Land and Sea Park? This is a popular marine wildlife centre/reserve in Great Exuma. Swimming with dolphins is another favorited activity as there are many sanctuaries that offer this once in a lifetime opportunity to give both children and adults a holiday to remember.

The food in George Town and in fact most of the Bahamas is very interesting, as it uses such a wide range of unique and different flavours. The restaurants in the Bahamas are known for being extremely fresh using freshly caught local fish, and locally harvested fruit and vegetable, and this also makes them relatively cheap.

Location of George Town

Key Facts

  • Language: English
  • Currency: Bahamian Dollar
  • Time Difference from UK: -5
  • Flight time: London: 9 hours
  • When to go: December - April