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Beaches, Prague

Although Prague isn’t your typical beach destination, there are plenty of beach spots here for locals and visitors to enjoy. The neighbouring rivers and reservoirs here provide the perfect places to unwind, where travellers can enjoy a picnic and cool down on a warm summer’s day, all while overlooking beautiful scenery.

Hostivarska Prehrada

Hostivarska Prehrada is tucked away in the middle of the beautiful Hostivař Forest Park, alongside a large reservoir, only a few minutes from the centre of Prague. This quiet area is made up of two sandy beaches, each with…


Koupaliste Seberak

Koupaliste Seberak is a beautiful sandy and grassy area at the side of a natural pond, fed by a brook in Kunratice (on the southern edge of Prague). This picturesque beach has an outdoor fireplace for cooking on, as well as wooden…


Lhota Lake Beach

Lhota Lake Beach is just a forty-minute drive from Prague centre and is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Once a mining pit, it is now a 25 hectares pool surrounded by abundant pine forests…


Smichov beach

Smichov beach is an artificial beach located along the banks of the Vltava River – close to many of Prague’s historic buildings and beautiful architecture. The beach was constructed with 700 tonnes of imported naturally soft, fine white sands…


Zlute Lazne

As Prague is a land-locked city, instead of sandy sea beaches it offers river beaches, artificial beaches and lakes. The Zlute Lazne is a large recreational area along the banks of the Vltava River. It has a man-made beach area…