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Sights, Hurghada

There are a host of ancient sights and modern wonders to visit on Hurghada holidays. Start with the Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda, and admire the old stained glass windows within this incense-filled church. Then, stop by the towering monastery of St Anthony, nestled in an oasis in the Arabian desert. Not forgetting the epic sand sculptures at Sand City, providing a truly memorable and unique sight to discover.

Al Mina Mosque

Al Mina (or El Mina) Mosque was built in 1968 and is the largest mosque in the city. This mosque cost 20-million pounds to build and sits next to the marina at Hurghada, right on the waterfront.


Arrival Piazza

The Arrival Piazza is an elegant, open-air square with a central fountain surrounded by ornate and traditional buildings leading down to the sea. The whole area is beautifully designed and extremely stylish, with its arabesque…


Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda

The St. Shenouda cathedral is located in El Dahar area of Hurghada and belongs to the Coptic Orthodox community. It appears to be quite modest from the outside, but inside the architecture is intricate and simply astounding…


Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina has the capacity to moor approximately 200 yachts, depending on their size. Because of the extensive facilities here, this sparkling marina offers everything yacht sailors could ever need, which is why…


Monastery Of St. Anthony

St. Anthony’s Monastery (Deir Mar Antonios), is one of the oldest inhabited monasteries in Egypt, dating back to the 4th century AD. In 2002, the Egyptian government began an eight-year restoration project…


Sand City Hurghada

Sand City is an open-air museum made up of two very different concepts. The first – Historical/Mythological Art, features historical sand sculptures depicting various legends, famous military leaders and other legendary characters.


Shadwan Island

Shadwan Island, also known as Shaker Island, is the largest of a group of islands making up the Strait of Gubal and is located between Hurghada and Gouna. The island has a lighthouse and a Seismological Network station…


St Paul’s Monastery

The Monastery of St. Paul (often referred to as the Monastery of the Tigers), is a Coptic Orthodox monastery that dates back to the 4th. Century. It was originally built by a group of hermits around the cave, which was St. Paul’s home for 90 years.