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Food and Drink, Zakynthos

Think traditional Greek cuisine and fresh seafood, both of which you can enjoy with an ice cold beer. Sip on the popular Greek bottled beer, Mythos while you tuck into delectable dishes at one of Zante’s charming road cafes. If you’re looking to treat yourself to fine dining; take a trip to Andalis in Argasi, offering delicious gourmet dishes, accompanied with excellent service from the restaurant staff.

Beachfront bars

Zante’s glorious coastline is home to a spectacular selection of beachfront bars, which provide patrons with a glorious sea view, great food and a wide range of drinks.

The Porto Azzuro Beach Bar Restaurant is open from early in the morning, allowing visitors to enjoy delicious cuisine and fresh fruit juices and exotic cocktails. The bar is also a venue for famous DJs to set up their decks and give patrons a night of brilliant music, right there on the beach.

Another firm favourite with tourists from all over the world is the Fishalida Beach Bar and Restaurant on Alykes beach. Sun loungers and umbrellas are lined along the shore to provide customers with some shade and a comfortable place to enjoy their snacks and drinks. The bar serves up a delicious breakfast and is an idyllic setting to enjoy an early morning meal, right by the ocean.

Bohali village cafés

Bohali is home to a great number of small outdoor cafes. After a day of sightseeing, there is no better way of relaxing than to get out of the sun and enjoy a cold drink and something to eat in one of these shaded eateries. The majority of these Bohali village cafes serve cold beers and cocktails, as well as a large selection of soft drinks for those who don’t drink and children.

There’s also plenty of traditional Greek cuisine on the menus for tourists to enjoy and keep them sustained for a long day of seeing the local attractions. If you are staying in Bohali, or are planning on sticking around, many cafes stay open and offer full dinner menus to ensure you don’t go hungry during your visit. These meals are complemented by soft music being played on the terraces, which provides a wonderfully romantic atmosphere to your meal.

Cave bar

Zante’s Cave Bar can be found in Kalamaki. This quirky bar is filled with rustic charm and is located in an actual cave; while it may be a little off the beaten path, the Cave Bar has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence and holidaymakers absolutely love to call in and enjoy a drink in this beautiful setting.

Tables and chairs can be found within the cave itself, although there are also plenty of comfortable stools around the bar, as well as a seating area on the patio outside. The Cave Bar offers a stunning view of the Greek skyline and the ocean in the distance. Families are welcome and are guaranteed friendly and fast service.

The bar gives patrons a delicious range exotic cocktails to choose from, as well as more traditional drinks and soft drinks for the youngsters. The Cave Bar is also known for playing the finest 80s music.

Cheap places to eat

There are plenty of cheap places to eat in Zante, which serve up a fantastic array of delicious eats for a great price. One of the most popular places for great, affordable food is Friends in Laganas. As well as preparing delectable Greek and Mediterranean dishes, Friends also cooks an excellent traditional English breakfast.

If you are looking for cheap places to eat in Kalamaki, Drunk Corner is an ideal place to bring the family. This English pub’s cuisine is very reasonably priced and is complemented by the great friendly atmosphere awaiting its patrons.

For traditional Greek cuisine at a reasonable price, head over to the Avli Taverna Restaurant in Tsilivi. Enjoy a delicious meal out on the patio and soak up some of Zante’s sunshine as you tuck into some great food.

Port Paradiso on Alykes beach is another popular choice if you are in the mood to dine al fresco.

Gourmet eateries

If you are looking for fine dining, in Zante, you are in luck. Gourmet eateries can be found all over the island; serving up a wide variety of delicious cuisine, their service is also second to none.

Anadalis can be found in Argassi. This gourmet restaurant has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence thanks to its incredible menu and stunning ambience. This eatery is located right by the ocean, providing diners with a gorgeous sea view while they dine. Anadalis serves fresh seafood and Mediterranean delicacies, which are both fantastic to eat and look at – presentation is very important.

The Yard of Taste is an intriguing gourmet restaurant, giving an outdoors-indoors dining experience to visitors. Known for serving a healthy selection of dishes, Yard of Taste is located in Zante Town and also has a large selection of both vegan and vegetarian dishes. That being said, there’s plenty of meat on the menu, too.

Greek tavernas

Zante is home to a wide range of eateries, including some fantastic Greek tavernas, which serve up a delicious selection of dishes. Head over to Zakynthos to enjoy the amazing range of food that is served at Tsikoudia Taverna. This traditional Greek taverna whips up a fantastic mix of cuisine, ranging from Greek seafood delicacies, to fresh salads, to steaks and burgers. There is also a children’s menu. Friday and Saturday evenings also give you the chance to hear some traditional Greek songs, played live by local musicians.

Alternatively, you could head over to Alykes and enjoy the delicious cuisine at Paradosiako. This Greek Taverna offers a taste of truly traditional Greek food, serving a wide range of delectable delicacies. Located just 100 metres from the beach, Paradosiako also offers a fantastic sea view. They also serve a selection of international dishes; the staff are very attentive and private parking is available.

Harbour restaurants

Zante is home to a fantastic range of harbour restaurants, which serve up a view that is just as delightful as the cuisine. A gorgeous view of the harbour is the perfect complement to a delicious meal and really helps to enhance your dining experience.

Molos Restaurant is one of the most popular harbour restaurants in Zante. It can be found in Zante Town’s marina, where it has been serving delicious food since it was first opened in 1994. Aside from traditional Greek food like feta salads, Molos Restaurant also serves up a great English breakfast, too, so whatever you are in the mood for, they can satisfy your hunger. It also offers a great view of the harbour.

Komis Fish Tavern is another popular port of call for those who are in search of somewhere to eat. This harbour restaurant serves some of the finest fish dishes in all of Zante, providing a great atmosphere and world-class service.

Seafood restaurants

Zante is home tom some of the finest seafood restaurants in all of Greece. Many of these seafood restaurants are located right by the ocean, serving up a gorgeous sea view as well as some world class cuisine.

Head to Akrotiri and dine at one of Zante’s finest eateries, Bassia. Few seafood restaurants can match Bassia in either food or ambience; eat al fresco on the gorgeous patio and tuck into some fresh fish delicacies and Mediterranean favourites.

The Ammos Taverna in Zante Town is another firm favourite with visitors, serving freshly-caught cuisine right by the ocean. The Ammos Taverna is the ideal place to visit for an evening meal. Dine on the patio and watch the world go by as you enjoy a delicious meal.

Utopia in Argassi certainly lives up to its name. Situated right by the sea, Utopia offers a breathtaking view and exquisite cuisine. The service is also second to none.

Zakynthos road cafes

Zakynthos road cafes provide you with a choice of taking a short break and grabbing a quick cold drink, or stopping off for a long stay. There’s plenty of chances for you to enjoy some delicious traditional Greek cuisine, but Zakynthos road cafes also provide visitors with the chance to enjoy plenty of English food, too. You can call in at the pub, enjoy a pint and watch the football on the television.

As you would expect, there’s always an opportunity to purchase a refreshingly cold ice cream along the road, as there is to enjoy a cold drink to help cool you down.

Zakynthos road is lined with a fantastic range of eateries. There is a great selection of grill houses which serve up a variety of meat dishes, such as fresh roast lamb souvlaki and steaks, as well as delectable vegetarian options like a tiropita cheese pie.