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Sights, Zakynthos

Zante’s landscape is simply idyllic. Skinari Lighthouse offers fantastic views of the glistening Mediterranean waters and the two windmills situated nearby stretch up to the beautifully clear skies. Taking a trip over to the fascinating St John’s Baptist Monastery should be high up on your holiday itinerary; it’s impeccable structure has stood for over 400 years and is guaranteed to simply astound you.

Agios Dionisios

Agios Dionisios can be located in Zante Town. This church is one of the most stunning examples of Greek architecture to be found anywhere on the island. Visitors from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Agios Dionisios every single day to appreciate the breath-taking glory of the building, both from the inside and outside.

Named after St. Dionysius of Zakynthos, the church is open to visitors, who are able to freely walk around and take in the stunning craftsmanship that went into creating the building, centuries ago. The ceiling is painted, as are the walls, with incredible religious imagery, the marble floor incorporates dazzling patterns and the stain glass windows feature mesmerising diamond designs. This is a must-see for those who are interested in religion, Greek history and architecture.

Agios Dionisios is located close to the marina, so visitors can make a day out of sight seeing, with two great attractions in close proximity.

Blue Caves

The Blue Caves are one of the most visited attractions on the entire island of Zante. They can be reached via your own boat or one of the countless excursions that are organised by several boat tour companies on the island. The Blue Caves are a succession of caves that run along the north-west coast of Zante, between Agios Nikolaos and Skinari Cape.

The caves take their name from the spectacular reflections of the water against the white rocks, giving a gorgeous blue aesthetic. Most of the caves can be visited by boat tours, which give tourists the opportunity to appreciate the true beauty of this natural miracle. However, there are certain caves which can only be reached by expert swimmers and divers, so if you are the owner of a diving licence, the Blue Caves should be on your must-visit list when you come to Zante.

Keri Lighthouse

If you are looking for a stunning sea view, Keri Lighthouse offers you a view like no other. The quaint lighthouse can be found in Keri Village, a quaint dwelling by the ocean. As you would expect from a lighthouse, Keri Lighthouse provides visitors with an unobstructed view of the crystal blue Greek ocean. The view is particularly beautiful if you choose to visit the island at sunset.

The café in the lighthouse serves up delicious cuisine, which patrons can enjoy while looking out over the ocean. Keri Lighthouse has retained all its original beauty and proves popular with tourists from all over the world, providing a peaceful dwelling to enjoy Zante’s coastline over an exquisite meal.

There is a car park for those driving in or travelling on a coach. Aside from the café, there is also a snack van on the car park which sells light bites and cold drinks.

Navagio beach

Located in a beautiful cove, Navagio Beach is located in Anafonitria and attracts a great many visitors each week, especially in the summer season. The beach itself offers spectacular sands to stroll on and is ideal for families to play on. The water is calm, clean and shallow so swimmers will be delighted.

Another reason tourists flock to Navagio Beach is to see the famous shipwreck. “Panagiotis” was wrecked in 1980 and, according to history, is believed to have been chased by the Greek Navy for carrying contraband cargo. The shipwreck is the focal point of the beach; located right in the middle of the golden sands, beach goers are able to walk right up to it, touch it and have their photograph taken with it.

There are also a great many cliffs to be explored by the cove, which provide those who aren’t afraid of heights with beautiful views of the beach, the ocean and beyond.

Salt flats

If you pay a visit to the lovely resort of Alykes, you will have the unique experience of seeing Zante’s famous Salt Flats. These Salt Flats were created after the Second World War, when the Greek government was in search of a suitable place to produce salt for the country. Alykes was one of several locations which were chosen as an appropriate place, thanks to its rich, flat land.

Zante’s Salt Flats were used to produce salt until 1980, when the government ruled that Alykes’ Salt Flats were not producing enough salt to warrant them staying open, so they were closed.

Today, the Salt Flats are a huge tourist attraction as a wildlife reserve. The reserve is filled with exotic birds and various insects. This interesting reserve is the perfect place for families to visit in the late afternoon, after the midday heat has passed by.

Skinari Lighthouse

Skinari Lighthouse is one of the very finest examples of Greek architecture that can be found in Zante. This green and white lighthouse is still active and sits on the top of the cliffs in Skinari. Its purpose is to make sure boats passing between Kefalonia and Zante do so safely.

At the top of Skinari Lighthouse is a quaint balcony which offers amazing views of the Greek ocean and the horizon beyond. Nearby are also two windmills and a taverna which serves great food and drink, providing visitors with a place to go and relax after a day of sightseeing.

The lighthouse is an ideal place for visitors to take in a variety of attractions by boat. Tourists who book boat trips can visit the Blue Caves and the famous shipwreck on Navagio beach, ensuring they take in as many sights in one day as possible.

St John’s Baptist Monastery

St John’s Baptist Monastery is one of Zante’s most iconic buildings. It was built in the 16th century, so offers an enormous amount of history to visitors. This monastery sits on the slopes of one of the beautiful mountains near the village of Katastari. For a structure that has stood for over 400 years, St John’s Baptist Monastery is remarkably well preserved and proves popular with tourists from all over the world.

The interior of the building is home to famous works of art and religious images of devotion, making St John’s Baptist Monastery a must for any tourists who have a passion for religion, history or art. You can also climb up these mountains for unparalleled views of Kefalonia, the neighbouring island just off Zante. The village of Katastari is just two kilometres away from the Ionian Sea coast, so spectacular sea views are guaranteed for those who pay a visit to St John’s Baptist Monastery.