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Located at the toe end of Italy’s boot, separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina lies Sicily. Mountainous, volcanic, temperate, with luscious countryside and stunning beaches in equal measure, Mother Nature was feeling particularly generous when she created Sicily!

Together with its neighbouring islands, Sicily encompasses an autonomous part of Italy. The islands coasts are bordered by the Mediterranean, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, adding diversity in climate and culture to the island, depending on which resort you’re in.

A crucible of Mediterranean culture since ancient times, Sicily allures thousands of tourists each year to soak up the sun and the history of the island. An archaeological hub with ruins from ancient Greek and Roman civilisations littering the islands cities, Sicily is an explorer’s paradise!

But if the Indiana Jones style holiday isn’t for you, resorts across the island cater to families and couples simply looking to relax and enjoy some peace, relaxation and good cooking! Famous as the home of the pizza, Sicily is prized for its culinary delights and excellent wines.

Sitting relatively quietly on Sicily’s east coast is Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest and most active volcano. Although undoubtedly still dangerous, Etna behaves itself the majority of the time, allowing tourists the opportunity to get up close and personal, with guided walking tours or cable car rides to the summit.


With resorts catering to every holiday makers tastes, Taormina and Syracuse are definitely worth a visit if quaint old town quarters and phenomenally preserved ancient ruins are your forte. With still-functioning Greek Amphitheatres and well-maintained temples and archaeological sites in major cities across the island, there is always plenty to see in Sicily.


Although typically a fairly quiet destination, Sicily does provide means of entertainment come night fall. You can forget about jelly shots and jägerbombs though! In Sicily, it’s all about chic cocktail bars and elegant wineries. Don’t fall asleep too early though, after midnight, even the smallest dance floors get some action to the sounds of world class DJs and laid back vibes. 

World renowned as a culinary oasis, Sicily can be thanked for bringing the world the pizza, numerous pasta dishes and some of the finest ingredients, used in kitchens worldwide.


Sicilian cuisine puts huge emphasis on the locality and freshness of its ingredients, combining these with rich flavours to create uniquely delicious dishes.


A local favourite among street vendors is ‘Arancino’, a fried rice ball infused with herbs and spices. Other traditional delicacies can be found in local trattorias and bistros across the island, however Sicily is also home to a number of Michelin-starred restaurants for those seeking a bit of luxury, as well as a diverse range of restaurants offering culinary delights from around the world.


The legendary home of the God of wine himself, the year-round warm climate of Sicily provides ideal growing conditions for grape vines and makes Sicily the largest wine producing region in Italy. Noted for its sweet, dry white wines and fruity reds, nowhere in Sicily should you find a bad glass of vino!

Location of Sicily

Key Facts

  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Difference from UK: 1
  • Flight time: 3
  • When to go: April - October