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Hugging the cliffs of the Sorrentine peninsula, meandering gracefully down to the azure sea, the small town of Sorrento in Southern Italy opens its doors to thousands of tourists each year looking to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful resort.

Effervescing character and Italian charm, Sorrento is still very much a civilised old town. Featuring quaint churches and cobbled streets, lined with cute café’s and quirky boutique shops, Sorrento is the perfect location to soak up the sun as well as get a true flavour of Italian culture!

Boasting spectacular views across the sparkling Gulf of Naples, with the legendary Mount Vesuvius looming in the background, make sure you bring your camera with you when holidaying in Sorrento!

An idyllic location to use as a base for exploring surrounding towns and resorts, Sorrento is well-connected via public transport and boat links to the Isle of Capri and the rest of the stunning Amalfi Coast.

With a mild, dry climate almost all year round, there is no bad time to visit. In the spring, enjoy sultry evenings sipping cocktails by the sea. Come summer when the temperatures soar, the air is punctuated with the scent of exotic flowers while the trees weigh heavy with fresh Sorrento lemons, and the sunsets over the bay are truly something magical to behold.

Although ideally situated to explore a number of Southern Italy’s gems, before you go anywhere, experience what Sorrento has to offer first!


The charming Piazza Tasso is the gateway to the old town of Sorrento in the heart of the resort. A practical maze of cobbled streets and picturesque trattorias, the old town is home to the famous shopping district of Sorrento, where designer boutiques operate side by side with street vendors and local craft markets.


Offering everything from locally produced Limoncello in beautiful hand-painted bottles, to artisan wooden marquetry boxes and hand-stitched linen-ware, the old town is a souvenir hunters’ paradise, so get ready to bag yourself a treasure or two!


For those who simply want to laze on the beach for a week, Sorrento is probably not the destination for you. The town itself is built right up to the rocky shoreline so there are no expanses of golden sand for you to dig your bucket and spade into.


The Italians have improvised around this however by building bathing platforms into the sea so you can still sunbathe and take a dip, just without hurting your toes in the process!


If you’re ready for some adventure though, why not take a half day trip to the Isle of Capri? Located just off the mainland, the celebrated island is steeped in history and culture. Adorned with chic bars and with a shopping circuit to rival fashion-forward Milan, what was once the home of the Roman Emperors, is now a popular summer hang-out spot of the Hollywood A-listers.


If watching Tom Cruise and Leonardo Di Caprio frolicking on their yachts isn’t for you though, why not hire yourself (a considerably smaller) boat and pay a visit to La Grotta Azzurra? This sea cave is famed worldwide for the intense blue of its water and is something not to be missed. 

If you like all things Italian, you’re going to love cuisine in Sorrento! Pizza, Pasta, fresh seafood and ice cream galore!


They like to keep things traditional in Sorrento, so you’ll struggle to find anything other than Italian cuisine. Although some of the small café’s offer a few tastes of home like toasties and omelettes, who would want them when the pizza is so good?!


Like in all Italian cooking, only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients are used to give dishes a real authentic flavour. The Campania region of Italy where Sorrento lies is famous for its production of buffalo mozzarella, traditionally used in pizza making and the centre-piece in a caprese salad.


Although an exact date of origin is not known, Sorrento is accredited as the birthplace of Limoncello, a zesty after-dinner liqueur.Drank neat as a digestif, Limoncello, made by steeping the zest of the famous Sorrento lemon in vodka then mixing with a sugar syrup is the local tipple of choice which has made its way onto the dessert menus of restaurants across the globe.  

Location of Sorrento

Key Facts

  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Difference from UK: 1
  • Flight time: London: 2.5 hours
  • When to go: March - November