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Located on the north coast of Jamaica rests Ocho Rios, a town located in the St. Ann’s parish. The village was once popular for being a fisherman’s village but is now one of Jamaica's most booming tourists hotspots and a much loved Caribbean holiday resort. It has rapidly grown into an exciting place to take a holiday as it caters very well for its visitors. It is favourited for its luxury all inclusive hotels and beautiful surroundings that are never left unloved. The friendly, welcoming and laid back village is fun filled and thriving and is guaranteed to leave you in awe from its beaches.

In Ocho Rios you will find that most Jamaican classics are very easy to get hold of. Most dishes here are infused with lots of spice and herbs. You will find jerk chicken dishes and patties, as well as mackerel and cod. Many rice based meal are often served up with peas and beans, as well as coconut milk which can often be used to create milder versions of particular dishes. One popular sauce that is used with meats is 'Scotch Bonnet' a fiery chilli tasting sauce which is also available solid. The restaurants in Ocho Rios can range from sea food alfresco, jerk chicken joints, romantic Italians to Japanese and Thai diners.

If you love your water sports then you're in for a real treat. Ocho Rios is home to the wild activity park of 'Dunns River Falls and Park'. The park is a true Jamaican treasure that holds falling waters over its rockery and streams that eventually fall into the Caribbean sea. The park is open to everybody to enjoy its lagoons and swimming opportunities. Another extremely fun adventure activity here is held at the 'White River' where you are able to ride its inflatable tubes down its gentle rapid currents and glide on top of its waters as you enjoy its exotic nature that surrounds the river. You could also visit the 'Rainforest Bobsled Jamaican at Mystic Mountain' for an amazing rainforest experience. You will reach mountain highs of 700 feet and receive a jaw dropping view of the city. It is reached by exploring through its magical green forested lands. In Ocho Rios there are even opportunities to swim with dolphins, and enjoy its waterfalls, many spas and gullies. And of course, like most Jamaican holiday resorts its beaches are unforgettable. The 'Ocho Rios Beach' is small but holds a huge amount of beauty.

Location of Ocho Rios

Key Facts

  • Language: Jamaican English
  • Currency: Jamaican Dollar
  • Time Difference from UK: -5
  • Flight time: London: 9-10 hours
  • When to go: Year-Round