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Holidays to Morocco

With just a short stretch of sea separating the country from the southernmost point of Spain, Morocco holidays are a great way to sample the culture and history of North Africa while still enjoying the sun, sea and sand you would associate with European resorts around the Mediterranean.

Morocco is a large country (even ignoring the disputed territory of Western Sahara that it lays claim to), so its climate varies vastly from one location to the next. Resorts close to the coastline, like Marrakech and Agadir, rarely get uncomfortably hot or cold. Even in December, average temperatures remain at 15°C, while the 26°C average in July is tempered by the refreshing winds coming in off the sea.

What makes Morocco so appealing to holidaymakers is its unique blend of different cultures. The dry heat and scenic views make for a perfect holiday in the sun, and the serene atmosphere makes tourists feel at ease as soon as they step off the plane.

With its capital city of Rabat and the well known Casablanca just a little further west of it, people often find that they know more about Morocco than they think.

The sights in Morocco are unforgettable; you’d be silly not to capture the essence of this idyllic country on your camera. The famous Agadir Beach is busy all year round and is loaded with history, after being rebuilt in 1960 as a result of an earthquake. If you are looking for a relaxing cultural experience, Morocco’s wide selection of Hammam bath houses offer cleansing rituals, as well as massages which are available in select locations.


CURRENCY Moroccan Dirham
FLIGHT TIME 3-3.5hrs
  • Souks and markets

    The best feature of Morocco is the authentic culture, which you can find wherever you roam. What’s particularly special is the range of Souks and markets dotted around this unique destination. Every town in Morocco has a souk quarter, specially dedicated to hosting these traditional markets. Djemaa El Fna market in Marrakech is the place to be, with acrobats flying in the air, storytellers and live Arabic artists composing charming music as you wander round.

  • Hammam heaven

    Morocco combines sightseeing with truly relaxing retreats, being famous for its wide selection of traditional Hammam bath houses, situated in every town and neighbourhood. Experience the Hammam ritual at one of many public bath houses, where you are instructed to dip in and out of various warm, hot and cold pools to open and close your skin’s pores, to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

  • Cook up a storm

    What better way to experience the vibrant flavours of the local cuisine in Morocco, than cooking it yourself? Sign yourself up for a traditional Moroccan cooking class in Marrakech and learn how to recreate your favourite dishes ready for when you arrive back home. Try an array of local spices and discover the art of making delicious couscous, the traditional way. There are plenty of cookery schools available to choose from, which host group and private classes.


Morocco is home to a range of brilliant activities, including sunset camel rides, adrenaline-pumping 4×4 drives, water sport adventures and a selection of fascinating museums, to name a few. Wait for your tour guide to pick you up from your resort and embark on a Sunset Camel Ride adventure. This classic ride offers tourists a once in a lifetime opportunity, with stunning views stretching far and wide.

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The beaches in Morocco are simply stunning; tall, straw-thatched sun umbrellas sit neatly in rows along the golden stretches of sands and aqua waters reach far and wide. If you love visiting quiet and unspoiled beaches, fly over outside of high season and uncover the vast scenery this sunny destination has to offer. For avid water sports lovers, head to Essaouira Beach, where holidaymakers spend their days windsurfing and kitesurfing.

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Food and Drink

When dining out in Morocco, Marrakech is foodie heaven – thanks to its charming atmosphere and wide selection of eateries to choose from. From Jemaa el Fna food stalls, bistros and French-inspired cafes in Gueliz, to gourmet palace restaurants in Medina, there is a restaurant to please everyone, no matter what your preference. Despite Morocco being a predominantly Muslim country, there is plenty of opportunities to drink, but if you’re wanting a glass of red in your hotel, be sure to pack a corkscrew in your suitcase.

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A trip to Morocco isn’t quite complete without a visit to the exquisite Sahara Desert, with its long stretches of rippling sands curving across a vast 9.2 million km². The grand Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is another simply stunning sight, soaring above Morocco’s clear blue skies and featuring some classic Moroccan patterns and designs as you walk through the temple-like doors.

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Top Destinations in Morocco


Combining miles of gloriously sandy beaches with almost guaranteed winter sun, Agadir in the south of Morocco has become a firm favourite for British holiday makers.



Known best for its ancient medina, Fez is a city for a particular kind of culture seeker; one who feels more comfortable throwing themselves headfirst into local life than watching from the sidelines.



Marvel at the busy souks, venture into the bustling main square and head up into the mountains that surround this enchanting city. Marrakesh maybe overwhelming at times but it’s a fascinating city for those that want to delve into it’s culture.


Location of Morocco


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