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Holidays to Marrakesh

While situated inland, Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most important cities, especially when it comes to tourism. A city of diverse sights, sounds and tastes, there is plenty here for Brits.

Marrakesh is a beautiful maze full of intricate alleyways and paved streets, with local produce at every corner. Gorgeous handmade materials and delicious smelling food in the souks will tempt you in every direction and the merry music of the medina will draw you in at night. There’s no organisation in this place, so go with the flow and enjoy the jumble of wonderful distractions that make Marrakesh the lively city that it is.

The third largest city in Morocco, sits at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and contains the old city, also known as the medina, which is then surrounded by new, modern areas such as Gueliz. It’s a true mixture of old and new where weathered, palatial riads settle in between new restaurants and modern hotels on the outskirts.

Under a 4 hour flight from the UK, and with the Atlantic Ocean in one direction and the Sahara desert in the other, Marrakesh may just be one of the most varied places that you will ever visit. As such, it can make the perfect base for backpackers and adventurers who want to explore the contrasting landscape of northern Africa. Marrakesh is also a great place to come for a short, energetic break.


Things To Do

Staying in the city, visitors on cheap Marrakesh holidays will be able to explore all of the cultural offers that it holds, as well as the numerous souks and bazaars that wind their way through the streets. In the historic Medina section of Marrakech, alongside the stalls and haggling traders, you will find an assortment of street entertainment, from acrobats and musicians to soothsayers and snake charmers.

You can also journey through the old walls of the Kasbah, which is home to the Royal Palace, as well as numerous restaurants and cafés. Various museums around Marrakesh also house ancient Berber artefacts and Moroccan art, which is great for when the sun is at its highest.

Food And Drink

As the city has acted as a gateway to and from the Saharan region for centuries, many culinary delights abound here. For example, holidaymakers may wish to try a different take on a classic from home, the Pastilla, which is a type of meat pie. This is usually filled with shredded chicken and covered in crispy dough, with almonds, spices and sugar giving it both a sweet and salty taste.

For an added touch of Marrakesh, try out the food stalls in the Djemaa El-Fna, where you could find something new to savour each night.

While there is a perception that many places in Marrakesh do not serve alcoholic beverages, which might actually be the case in the traditional Medina suburb, the rest of the city is well geared towards foreign visitors. Le Comptoir, for example, has numerous cocktails as well as Moroccan dancers, while Azar’s martini glass-shaped chairs and local wines are popular with tourists.


CURRENCY Moroccan Dirham
FLIGHT TIME Around 3.5 hrs
3 COURSE MEAL 150 - 200 MAD

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