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Log Cabin With Hot Tubs

If you’re eager to unwind and relax on your fab staycation, choose a log cabin with a hot tub. You will immediately feel pampered and refreshed by this feature, making it a real highlight of your retreat. Simply switch on the bubbles to experience true tranquillity, whenever you desire. You’ll have plenty to pick from, too! There are loads of superb log cabins with private hot tubs around the UK, including both rural dwellings nestled in peaceful woodlands, and pristine pads close to towns and cities. A bottle of bubbly and a long soak is exactly what you need, so go ahead and book your break, today!

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Relish Pure Relaxation

There really is an inviting variety of cribs in every region, all of which boast their own unique style. Anyone who wants to kick back and make the most of their stay can easily jump in the warm, welcoming water of their hot tub! It might be located in your luxurious, open plan bedroom (perfect for a romantic getaway with your significant other) or outside on the decking. These let you hop in and unfurl while savouring the night sky above you - absolute bliss! Whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll definitely find yourself a lustrous log cabin with a hot tub in the UK.


Try Cabins in Cumbria

Looking to rest in the beautiful English countryside? Look no further! Cumbria has heaps of choices for you, each having the right balance of fun yet serene surroundings. This makes them ideal if you’re wanting somewhere to put your feet up. You can go for a large, contemporary abode (which will give friends and family a feeling of glitz and glamour) or a cosy little one. Host your loved ones in a gorgeous home away from home, where you can cook up a storm and chat late into the night. Climb into the bubbling water after dinner and steam to your heart’s content, then peer at the glorious location surrounding you.


Sip Wine in Wales

One of the most iconic holiday spots in Britain has to be Wales. Time and time again, punters return to see the rugged coastline and historic sites, all while stopping in the top-quality accommodation you can find here. Peruse traditional log cabins in the country, or opt for an incredible, lavish property - there are almost too many great places to choose from! Fire up the barbeque to indulge in a feast, then sit on the outdoor garden furniture to admire the spectacular views before turning in. Or, soak away until the early hours. Tempting, right?


Cribs Bursting with Character

The vibe of your holiday home only adds to your break, as it helps you to unwind and rejuvenate when you’re on your jollies. So, if you like staying somewhere a bit different, make sure you browse some of the quirkier alternatives. Try a treehouse with a winding slide, swings and more or a coastal retreat that has a colourful, laid back ambience - each complete with a steaming tub. There are oodles of options for both couples and families throughout the UK, loads of which have soothing spa features. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find an excellent escape, just waiting to be experienced. What's not to love?