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4 Of The Best LGBTQ Holiday Destinations

Picking the perfect place to take your next holiday can sometimes be a stressful task, and for the LGBTQ community, that stress can be intensified even more so. First and foremost, you want to make sure you’re holidaying in a country or city that’s accepting of the LGBTQ community, and embraces it.

In order to help you choose the perfect LGBTQ-friendly holiday, we’ve narrowed down the best destinations, so whether you’re looking for buzzing nightlife, a romantic getaway or plenty of culture, there’s a destination for you…

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Malta has consistently topped the charts for the most inclusive destination and has even been voted the best LGBTQ-friendly spot in Europe. With the rise of LGBTQ holidaymakers flocking to Malta there has been an increase in gay-friendly and gay-owned accommodation – our favourite is the Dar tal-Kaptan in Gozo, which is situated in a 350-year-old farmhouse and offers a unique stay in the country.

There’s plenty to do during the day, with Malta showcasing many heritage sites, and in the evening there’s a buzzing nightlife scene too.

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The Old Town in Benidorm is home to over 30 gay bars and clubs that are centred in one area, so there isn’t far to walk between watering holes to take in all the sights. This section of the town is adorned with Pride flags and has a friendly community feel too it, making all feel extremely welcome.

The nightlife scene here does tend to stick to Spanish times, so don’t expect the clubs and bars to fill up until around 11pm.


If you’re seeking out a city break packed full partying, Berlin is the one for you. Berlin is home to numerous gay clubs, bars and carnivals and you can head over to the Schoneberg district to really experience the nightlife.

During the day you can make the most of the art scene in the city, and explore the various areas displaying street art or pop into the cafes to watch the day go by.

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Ibiza has long been a popular destination for the LGBTQ community, especially the Old Town. Many of the bars and restaurants in the this area are gay-owned, and open pretty much all day and night for the hardcore party goers. Not only is there a welcoming gay scene, there’s also a LGBTQ beach at Es Cavallet.

Where is your favourite LGBTQ friendly destination?