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Last Minute Holidays vs Booking In Advance

When it comes to booking a holiday, it can be quite confusing trying to figure out the best time to get it all sorted. Last minute holidays can save you a lot of money, but do you want to risk missing out and having to cancel your annual leave?

There’s also some flexibility required when booking last minute as the best offer may not be your first choice of destination. But if you’re willing to compromise, there are some great bargains to be had, and if you’re set on a particular destination, maybe booking in advance may be better suited for you.

Last Minute Booking Advantages:

Booking 1 – 4 weeks before your departure is the best time for bagging a bargain, as airlines and holiday companies are trying to ensure their flights and hotels are full. In order to make sure they aren’t missing out on customers, they’ll often discount their holidays or offer great deals.

Last minute holidays will maximise your savings too, so make sure you can be flexible with your annual leave as you may need to tweak the dates of your departure and return.

Last Minute Booking Disadvantages:

You must be fairly flexible on a number of things when it comes to late holiday deals, such as the destination, dates and flight times that all may need to be chopped and changed to get the best deal. Choice becomes secondary to savings, so be prepared to be disappointed if that amazing getaway to the Caribbean sells out before you checkout.

Booking in Advance Advantages:

When you book a holiday in advance, you have the luxury of taking your time to pick a destination, selecting the best dates to go and making plans accordingly. Booking in advance is an advantage if you're looking to go somewhere that’s quite popular or you want to organise lots of trips, like Iceland.

Not only do you have lots of planning days, but you also have a nice build up to your holiday, with plenty of time to get excited and make your friends on social media a little envious of your latest trip.

Booking in Advance Disadvantages:

One potential disadvantage of booking far in advance when it comes to holidays is the price. The earlier you book the more you will sometimes pay, as airlines and hotels aren’t trying to sell all their rooms for full capacity just yet. Not only that, but you’re locked into a holiday for a long time so if your plans change often, or you’re more spontaneous in nature, then booking in advance may not be your optimal choice.

Do you prefer to book in advance or be a little more spontaneous?