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4 Places You Won’t Believe Are In Benidorm

Did you think that luxury resorts and secluded beaches only exist in the Caribbean? Think again…


This picture-perfect street looks straight out of rural Spain, but can actually be found in the old town of Altea, 12km from the centre of Benidorm.


Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

Asia Gardens is a 5* hotel tucked away on the slopes of the Sierra Cortina Mountains, boasting beautiful sea views, tropical gardens and luxurious Thai-style rooms.

Ti Ximo Cove

At just 60m in length Ti Ximo is Benidorm’s smallest beach, but if you want to avoid the crowds this pretty pebbled cove is the place for you!

Ti Ximo Cove

Church of St James

Hidden away high above Benidorm Old Town is the Church of St James, a white-washed church made recognisable by its beautiful blue-tiled domed roof.

St James Church

Need to see to believe? Search for holidays to Benidorm.

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By Kate Moxon – Seeker of hidden gems