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Are All Inclusive Holidays Really Worth It?

Are all inclusive holidays really worth it? This is the million dollar question when it comes to taking a break, and there are no set answers as it really depends upon your holiday style and how you like to spend your time. However, there are clear advantages to taking an all inclusive trip, especially when it comes to the money saving aspect.


If you have a specific budget for your holiday, or you’d like to know most of the costs up front, then an all inclusive is worth booking. You’ll have no stress when it comes to budgeting as nearly all of your costs are included in the price – unless you want to treat yourself or bring back gifts for the family.

Family Holidays

Travelling with children can be expensive as drinks, ice creams and entertainment soon add up, which is why all inclusive breaks are fast becoming the family holiday of choice. Most all inclusive resorts offer free ice creams for kids whilst they’re around the pool and many even have kids clubs to keep them occupied. They tend to cater to children when it comes to food too, with many offering special kids choices or the basics for fussy eaters.

Food & Drink

All your food is included in your all inclusive package and many resorts even include snacks at various points throughout the day. As a minimum you’ll receive three meals a day and free drinks between set times (generally 10am-11pm). Free drinks do include alcohol, but these are usually local brands and not the more expensive named ones. However, if you do enjoy a branded tipple then you can usually upgrade your package to include named brands for an extra cost.

Is All-Inclusive Worth It?

If you’re a traveller that likes to go off and explore then an all inclusive may not be the best option for you, as you can sometimes feel tied to the hotel for meal times and therefore miss out on sight-seeing. However, you can remedy this by packing a little lunch at breakfast time so you’re not missing out on your free lunch but still go off and check out the local landmarks.

For family travellers or people who like to chill out and indulge on holiday, an all inclusive is certainly worth it. You’ll have the luxury of relaxing without having to worry about going off to find a meal or finding somewhere within your budget. You can sit back, sip on a cocktail and keep your purse firmly in your bag.

One potential downside to an all inclusive getaway is the wrist bands you need to wear. Unless you remember to move this whilst sunbathing, you will come home with a tan line around your upper arm – although it’s a small price to pay for as many desserts as you can eat for a week or two.

Do you think an all inclusive break is worth the little extra booking spend?