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How To Get A Holiday For Free

You know what the only thing better than a holiday is? A free holiday! You can’t beat flying off to a dreamy destination, feeling the sun beating down on your back, with good company and a cocktail or two in hand. Unless you didn’t actually pay a penny to get there, of course.

Well, it’s potentially easier than perhaps you first thought, so check out our pointers and discover how you could enjoy a gorgeous getaway without diving deep into your hard-earned cash.

Enter Competitions

It sounds so simple, so why haven’t you done it yet!? “I never win anything” is the usual excuse but if you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win the raffle and if you don’t enter any competitions then, well, you won’t win one. Here at, we often provide the chance to win holidays, with recent prizes including city breaks to Krakow and Rome plus family trips to the Mediterranean.

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Want to jet off and help others in need at the same time? Volunteering is a great way to enjoy a jaunt to sunnier surroundings whilst doing a good deed. A range of options are available such as teaching English to young people in Africa, caring for rescued wildlife in South America or feeding the needy in India and often you’ll have set free time to explore other areas of the country you’re in…or to just relax! Sometimes you may have to pay to get out there but you may find travel expenses are also included in certain opportunities.

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Become a Blogger

The blogging community is huge and there are certain travel bloggers who earn sufficiently enough money to do it as a full-time occupation, by utilising various revenue streams available to them. The bigger ones with a large, dedicated readership will often get headhunted by brands to test out a certain holiday product or visit a particular destination and feature this on their blog or vlog.

This acts as a mutually beneficial partnership – the brand gets exposure of its product/service and the blogger gets a trip overseas. If you can dedicate the time involved with running your own blog…do it!

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Work for a Travel Company

Okay, so working for a travel company doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get free holidays but with some operators, you can be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of things like late cancellations that can’t be refunded. Opportunities may also arise to visit a particular destination as part of your job role, such as to review hotels, collect written or photographic content or attend conferences.

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Ask a Loved One Really Nicely

Sometimes in life you just have to go back to basics. Remember when you were younger and wanted your parents to buy some sweets, or that time you asked a sibling for the TV remote because they always have it? Well, manners and a soft tone of voice cost nothing so it’s certainly worth giving a go. It might not work, and let’s face it the chances are probably quite slim, but you’ve got nothing to lose and the potential of a super trip somewhere sunny to gain. Give it a go!

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Are you going to try any of these tips? Do you have others to add? Let us know by commenting below!