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The Ultimate Gossip Girl Filming Locations In New York

Hello Upper Eastsiders, Gossip Girl here… Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell.

OK, so we might not have the actual scoop on Manhattan’s elite, but we do have the scoop on the best Gossip Girl filming locations in New York – including a map for your self guided GG tour. So, if you’re looking to get that Serena-eque Instagram shot or shop like Blair on 5th Ave, get ready…


Central Park Fountain

The Address: Bethesda Terrace and Cherry Hill Fountain

The Gossip Girl Scene: This was the place of the rushed wedding between Blair and Chuck in season 6.

Grand Central Terminal

The Address: 89 East 42nd Street

The Gossip Girl Scene: The famous station is where Serena Van Der Woodsen first graces our screens in season 1. The scene also comes full circle, as Gossip Girl alerts everyone to Serena’s return, which we now know why…

The Met Steps

The Address: 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street

The Gossip Girl Scene: Grab your friends and head to the steps to recreate many a scene of Blair and her friends sat on the steps – her friends always a few steps behind, of course. The step to The Metropolitan Museum of Art make several appearances throughout the seasons, so it’s a must visit for any Gossip Girl tour.

The Museum Of The City Of New York

The Address: 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St

The Gossip Girl Scene: The museum doesn’t actually appear as a museum in the show, but instead as both the Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude School for Boys.

St James’s Church

The Address: 865 Madison Avenue

The Gossip Girl Scene: The Church plays host to the first attempt at a wedding for Blair, although things don’t go quite to plan and Blair flees the wedding after a revelation from Gossip Girl.


The Palace Hotel

The Address: 455 Madison Avenue

The Gossip Girl Scene: The Lotte New York Palace was featured in many scenes throughout the show. The hotel played the part of the Van Der Woodsen’s residence and many a fancy bruch was had here by Serena. The hotel offers packages whereby you can relive those fancy brunches.

The Archibald Townhouse

The Address: 4 East 74th Street

The GG Scene: The impressive looking townhouse on just off 5th avenue played home to Nate in the show, so was featured many times. It’s a great stop on your tour to take a Instagram or three.

The Milan Condominium

The Address: 300 East 55th Street

The GG Scene: If you want to add another Van Der Woodsen stop off to your self guided tour, then head to the Milan Condominium which was also used as their residence for filming.


King Cole Bar

The Address: 2 East 55th Street

The GG Scene: Legend says you can get the best Red Snapper in NYC at King Cole’s – and by legend we mean Serena, of course.

The Russian Tea Room

The Address: 150 West 57th Street

The GG Scene: The well known scene at the tearooms features Serena, Blair, Chuck and Georgina who are hatching a plan to trap Poppy. It all goes a little awry and ends with Serena being arrested. The exclusivity of this venue means it’s quite hard to get a reservation to dine, not to mention fairly expensive – so make sure to pack lots of dollars.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

The Address: 1011 3rd Avenue

The GG Scene: I mean do you really need an excuse to visit a store packed full of brightly coloured candy? No. But, to help justify spending hours roaming the largest candy store in the world, you can say it was just for the Gossip Girl experience… The store was the scene of Dan and Vanessa’s shopping trip for Nate’s birthday present.

The Campbell Apartment

The Address: 15 Vanderbilt Avenue

The GG Scene: The Campbell Apartment was where Serena and Nate’s steamy scene took place in season one, so is a must visit bar for die hard fans. The bar is fairly close to Grand Central Station, so you can tick them both at in the same trip.

Have you visited any Gossip Girl locations? Drop us a tweet and let us know what you thought of it - @icelollyholiday! XOXO, until next time.

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