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Top 10 reasons to visit Crete

With its rugged mountain scenery and long sandy shores, Crete is the perfect place to pass a relaxed week away. If you are looking for all inclusive beach holidays, take a look at our top 10 reasons to holiday in Crete:

Child-Friendly Facilities

Many hotels in Crete have kids clubs with a variety of games and activities on offer. There are also many attractions that will keep youngsters entertained for hours, such as the fascinating Aquaworld Aquarium and The Star Beach Water Park.


A holiday in Crete would not be complete without a few days spent lazing on the beach! The sheer number of beaches on the island means you will always be able to find one that's right for you, whether you're looking for a bustling hub or a secluded cove.

Old Towns

Although parts of Crete have been developed to accommodate the growing number of tourists, the island is still in touch with its history and several old towns survive. Try atmospheric Chania, or the narrow streets of Rethymno.

Samaria Gorge National Park

This beautiful national park is one of Crete's most famous sights, ideal for nature lovers to explore. There is a hiking route through the gorge and although it's not an easy walk the scenery is well worth it!

Diving Opportunities

Crete is surrounded by crystal clear waters, making it an ideal place to go snorkelling or diving. There are plenty of reefs and marine life below the surface, and even a few shipwrecks for divers to explore.

Ancient Ruins

Crete has a rich and cultured past, the evidence of which still exists in the form of ruins that remain around the island. Visit the archeological site at Phaistos which dates back to 1400BC, or the Knossos Palace near Heraklion.


Crete is a popular destinations among young holidaymakers looking for a week of partying; Malia and Heraklion are the main hubs with plenty of bars and nightclubs. A more laidback evening can be found in Anissaras, with its quaint restaurants and quiet tavernas.


International food is readily available around the island, but the best meals are to be found in traditional Greek restaurants often independently-run by Cretan families. Try moussaka, slow-roasted lamb or homemade tzatziki dip with a greek salad.


Crete has a generally pleasant climate that makes it possible to visit at any time of year. However the best time to visit is April - September, when the sun shines all day and temperatures peak at 27°C!

The People

The people of Crete are extremely friendly and welcoming towards visitors. Remember that nobody knows a place better than the locals, so ask advice on things to do; they will be glad to share their knowledge!

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By Kate Moxon - Content and Social Media Executive at