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Which Board Basis Should I Go For?

One of the most common questions asked at is the difference between boards and which ones do we recommended? We can say one thing; everybody is suited to a different board but there is one for you.

This will also mean taking into consideration your location, hotel and duration of your stay too.

All Inclusive

Our most popular board choice. An all inclusive holiday means everything is included. The beauty of this board is that not a penny will have to be spent on dining out after you have paid the holiday price. All Inclusive will include your breakfast, lunch and dinner! This board basis will also include unlimited alcoholic and soft drinks, but each hotel will have specified hours of the day in which these are available as well as most hotels offering snack like chips and ice creams included in the price too. To make sure the hotel knows your food and drinks are all included, you will more than likely be given a wristband to wear showing exactly what it is that you are entitled to. This is why your research is important. Although everybody's taste buds differ, reviews on-line can determine if the food is worth having a go at...But another excellent things about going all inclusive is that the food is often served as a buffet style, making sure there's lots to choose from, something for everybody and allowing you to go up as many times as you like. All inclusive is perfect for those who are expecting to spend most of their time in the hotel of their choice, and even if you're wanting to go out exploring for the day... You're still leaving wiht breakfast in your belly and coming back to a hot dinner!

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast really is what its says it is. Also served in a buffet style, depending on which country you're staying in there will be various breakfasts to choose from. This often includes cereals, croissants, hot sandwiches, crepes and other specialties. This board is very popular with couples and small groups of people. Bed and Breakfast allows you to fill up every morning and will allow you to go off throughout the day toe explore the resort, go out for evening meals as well as trying out all the local and traditional cafes for some lunch. You will enjoy the pleasure of being able to stack your plates up high in order to keep up your energy levels right up until lunchtime!

Full Board

Take away All Inclusive without the extra drinks and snacks. Full Board includes your breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Full Board is right for those who maybe are not liking the idea of drinking alcoholics drinks throughout the day and families without younger children and couples that also will not be needing soft drinks and snack throughout the day. Although you do have a lot of meals to look forward to, full board prices are often very good for your money which may mean you can eat out on the odd occasion.

Half Board

Half Board offers you breakfast and your evening meal. Perfect for those who plan to explore throughout the day, wake up to a breakfast and come back knowing you have a hot dinner awaiting. The beauty of the Half Board basis is that some hotels allow you to choose to have lunch rather than your breakfast; This allows those holiday makers who want to be up bright and early for the morning to get up and go, and also works for those who prefer to eat a little later on.

Self Catering

This board allows you to cater for yourself. No meals will be included in the price of your holiday, but your hotel room will have the facilities in place so that you are able to cook and cater for yourselves. When going self catering a room will often offer a basic ring cooker, kettle and microwave as well as a kitchen sink. These basic appliances allow you to buy your own breakfast and cook throughout the day. It is perfect for those who know what they like to eat too and may miss their home comforts. Another positive about going self catering is that you are able to dine out at night which is one of the main reason people tend to choose this board.

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Room Only

Room only doesn't include any meals, just as self catering; it still allows you to cater for yourself but does not provide the facilities to cook for yourself in the hotel room. Room Only allows holiday makers to cater for themselves and is perfect for those who won't be spending too much time at the hotel. If you're on a girly clubbing holiday, a couple that like to go out for the day and experiment eating out in romantic restaurant, then a Room Only would be perfect

By Hayley Stansfield - Marketing Assistant at