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Koracla is an island in the Croatian sea, Croatia. Resting on the Dalmation coast, the island is under 30 miles long and is the second most populous Adriatic island. It is the sixth largest Adriatic island and includes the three towns Korcula, Vela Luka and Blato, as well as various pretty coastal villages.

The island is easily accessed by ferries and flights and is a perfect place for those who love to relax, explore, walk and see amazing views on their time away.

Eating out in Korcula is very easily and relatively cheap. There are hundreds of restaurants, cafés and bistros to choose from making it fun to choose and eat out in both the daytime and in the evening. You will be able to find traditional Croatian stews in Korcula's restaurants as well as cheap and local wines that have been produced in the village you will be eating out in!

Korcula holds many villages that are worth a look, the main town on the island is 'Korcula Town'. It holds just around 3000 people. This is the town where you will find luxury hotels, shops, galleries and theatres.

Another village is Lumbarda, a fisherman's town and takes just ten minutes by bus from Korcula. It is popular for its vineyards and wine production. It is a perfect place for a slow paced day out for family walks.

Zrnovo is only five minutes from Korcula which is worth a look for its architecture, stone buildings, churches and olive branches.

Racise village holds a small harbour, as well as a small population of just about 500 locals, but of them being sailor families. This village is nice for those who like boats, and enjoy sunbathing.
Pupnat is the oldest village on the island and it still remains very ancient, and well maintained. It is known for its architecture and ancient ruins.

Cara is another village on the island and is only 20 minutes by bus from the main town of Korcula, and id situated slap bang in the middle of it.

These are just a selection of the villages you will find here in Korcula; and although each offers history and tells a story, each one offers a unique experience.

Location of Korcula

Key Facts

  • Language: Croatian
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna
  • Time Difference from UK: 1
  • Flight time: London: 2 hours
  • When to go: April to September

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