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Holidays to Costa Calma

As its name would suggest, Costa Calma is a serene resort stretching along the south-east coast of Fuerteventura, the largest of the Canary Islands. The resort is hugely popular with holiday-makers from other European countries and it’s no surprise that it is becoming a firm favourite with us Brits too!

Costa Calma grew in the ‘70s around a village called Cañada Del Rio, and today the resort benefits from the presence of pleasant greenbelt land that separates the various built-up areas. The resort, town and hotels of Costa Calma were designed to complement the gorgeous natural landscape, gentle waters, 12 miles of pristine beaches, and great culinary offerings.

With a wealth of different hotels and self-catering options to choose from we’re sure you’ll love this underrated gem of the Canary Islands.


The climate of Costa Calma is different from other locations in the Canary archipelago, with winter temperatures somewhat cooler than average. Far from funnelling visitors into the summer months, the pleasant climate has afforded Costa Calma with year-round popularity that sees people heading here even in the winter for its mild weather.

The temperature of the sea doesn’t change drastically from season to season, with lows of 18°C – 20°C in the winter and 22°C – 24°C through the warmer months.


The resort is a favourite for both water-sports fans and beach bums. Costa Calma’s main beach makes the town a firm favourite with Brits. Cleaned on a daily basis, the pristine sandy stretch is popular with sunbathers and swimmers looking to dry off after a spell amongst the waves.

Things To Do

Due to the layout of the town, Costa Calma has no centre point; instead, there are a number of modern shopping facilities that serve as nuclei for tourists staying in the surrounding hotels, apartments and villas, as well as a weekly international market for early risers on a Sunday morning.

Perfect for nature lovers, the vegetative zones here house much of the area’s wildlife, including European hoopoes – attractive birds with a distinct crest of feathers and a long bill.

Food And Drink

The culinary delights of Costa Calma are as diverse as the town itself, with a distinct international flavour discernible in the array of restaurants and cafes here. While traditional Spanish tapas is available, there are also a number of Italian eateries serving authentic Mediterranean pizzas and crepes.

After spending a day lounging on the beach or strolling through the greenbelt land, tourists here can make the most of Costa Calma’s laid-back nightlife with an evening of relaxing drinks in a hotel bar or restaurant. However, a night of clinking ice cubes and serene background music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and Brits who want slightly more raucous evenings can head out to one of the area’s lively discos or traditional pubs.


FLIGHT TIME London: 4.5 hrs
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