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A pretty, laid back resort, Costa de Antigua is a great place to escape to for that week of summer sun. On the east coast of Fuerteventura, Costa de Antigua has tree lined streets, coastal walks and secluded beaches which make for an idyllic setting for any family or couples holiday. Bars and restaurants line the main street of this charming village which really comes alive during the evening hours.

Things to Do

Check out the local scenery and go horse riding for the day. This activity is a great way to discover the hidden gems of Costa de Antigua and to see the unspoiled landscape of this beautiful island. After an afternoon on horseback, the shops and markets in Costa de Antigua are great places to pick up some souvenirs for envious friends and family back home plus many are open until late in the evening.


The secluded beaches of Costa de Antigua lend themselves well to families on a quiet holiday or those looking for a bit of romance. Check out the hidden coves in between the cliffs or the man-made beach which is a great space to soak up the sun and try your hand at some of the water sports on offer. Alternatively head to the beach paradise of Caleta de Fuste via the cliff top walk.

Food and Drink

No matter what your budget and taste, Costa de Antigua caters for a wide range of people. The majority of restaurants are on the main street, where bustling bistros are surrounded by low rise buildings and the smell of freshly cooked seafood drifts through the air. Live music and a well-deserved glass of sangria often accompanies a relaxing evening meal where one glass may turn into two or three at one of the late night bars!

Location of Costa de Antigua

Key Facts

  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Flight time: 4.5 hours
  • When to go: Year-round

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