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Holidays to Tunisia

When venturing to Tunisia, holidays here offer endless sandy beaches for you to uncover, where you can sizzle away in the sun and admire the sparkling waters surrounding you. This alluring destination is not only home to gorgeous weather but a host of exciting water sports, too, including the likes of scuba diving, windsurfing and water skiing.

Once you’ve soaked up the sunshine, there are an array of Roman sites for you to see, from the iconic ancient city of Carthage (where you can find the Baths of Antoninus) to the old settlement of Dougga, which is still present today. Visiting the sacred city of Kairouan is also a must, with its many mosques and temples, which will open your eyes to a whole new side of Tunisian culture.

Whether you want to sip a cold beer on the beach or sink your teeth into delicious Tunisian dishes, which blend Mediterranean and Berber cuisine together, you truly can discover it all in Tunisia.

So, to explore this impressive destination for yourself, as well as everything it has to offer, compare cheap holidays to Tunisia with today.

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Top Destinations in Tunisia

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  • Ocean boat trips

    It’s hard to beat Tunisia’s idyllic coastline, which features stretches of the turquoise ocean as well as endless beaches, and the best way to make the most of these glorious sights is by hopping on a boat trip. Sail down the coast with a local guide and tuck into a complimentary lunch while relaxing in the sunshine, or snorkel amongst the colourful sea life.

  • Captivating Carthage

    One of the most iconic places in Tunisia is the ancient city of Carthage, with its fascinating archaeological digs and interesting artefacts, which will take you back through the ages. See the impressive monuments and pillars towering above you and wander around the likes of Carthage National Museum. Whatever your interests, Carthage is bound to have a site that will excite and educate you.

  • The home of Luke Skywalker

    Star Wars fans will love visiting the home of Luke Skywalker, which can be found in the small Berber village of Matmata. Immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars when you explore this marvellous stretch of desert and visit Luke’s home, where you will discover photographs of the original creation of the film and marvel at the epic film set here.


Tunisia offers you a diverse range of activities to try, from scuba diving to riding camels in the incredible desert. Hot air balloon rides are a relaxing way of taking in the scenic landscape here, as well as taking a soothing ride on the Red Lizard Train. Alternatively, taste local delicacies on a boat trip while exploring Tunisia’s enchanting coastline.

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Tunisia has an incredible coastline, where you can find plenty of sandy beaches, sun loungers and quaint eateries dotted up and down the blissful beachfront here. Take the time to relax and sizzle away in the heat at Hammamet Beach, or snorkel and scuba dive in the glistening waters while admiring the enticing ocean views.

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Food and Drink

You can find an array of cuisine in Tunisia in fine dining establishments, medina-style eateries and international restaurants, all offering food which is tastily-spiced and full of flavour. With a unique blend of cultures, from Berber cuisine to the Mediterranean-inspired food as well as delicious Kefta and Khobz Mella, the dishes served in this country are truly unique and so diverse.

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There are plenty of ancient Roman sites to discover in Tunisia, including the Roman settlement of Dougga and the oval Amphitheatre of El Jem. The whitewashed buildings in the picturesque town of Sidi Bou Said (perched by the sea), is also a beautiful sight to behold. Don’t forget to venture to the sacred Great Mosque of Kairouan for a breathtaking sightseeing experience.

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