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Holidays to Sousse


Sousse is one of the liveliest and most popular places in Tunisia and offers a variety of things to do for the sunshine following holidaymaker. There are beautifully white, long beaches sweeping around the coastline, historical buildings that take you back in time to Tunisia’s past and busy souks where bargain hunters can find a great deal on treasured souvenirs. Sousse’s harbour is the heart of the resort where visitors and locals gather for food and drink.

Expect lots of sunny days in Sousse, due to a blend of Mediterranean and desert weather. With warm temperatures all year round, the city has become somewhat of a winter hotspot for British holidaymakers. However, if you are really chasing the sun, it is most scorching during the summer months.


Things To Do

Many come to see the city’s medina, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The medina, or old town section of the city, contains a maze of winding streets, with excitement and new discoveries to be had around every turn. Along with cafes and markets, the medina contains a number of cultural attractions, including the Grand Mosque of Sousse and the Mosaic Museum. However, if you are after sunbathing and surf while on your cheap Sousse holidays, the city has you covered.

Sousse is a magnet for those who love the beach but also those that are interested in culture and history. The monastery and mosque provide a place to keep cool in the summer sun and the tower of the Ribat, one of Sousse’s main landmarks, offers great views over the resort.


With most of Sousse’s 6-mile beach open to the public, there’s plenty of space to grab your patch of sand and soak up the sun. The expansive Bou Jaffar and Las Vegas beaches stretch right along in front of the city, with many of the resorts and restaurants located close by. You can enjoy a number of activities in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, from snorkelling and paddling to diving. Back on dry land, you can even use a horsedrawn taxi to get around, although most of the attractions are not that far apart.

Food And Drink

There are many places to eat in Sousse but it’s the town’s harbour that’s the main attraction for food and drink. This open space is the place where locals and visitors come together to enjoy the atmosphere of the family-owned restaurants and cafes that are cosier than you would expect in this warm country. Even if you’re in an all-inclusive hotel, this area is worth a visit during the evening for a delicious fresh meal. While in Sousse, why not try ojja? This Tunisian version of scrambled eggs comes with peppers, spicy sauce and occasionally meat.

As with any large city, Sousse does not rest once the sun goes down. There are a number of bars and nightclubs in this Tunisian city, such as Saloon Disco and Edge Bar. The larger hotels will also have their own drinking holes on offer, so you won’t have to travel too far in search of a drink, even an alcoholic one.

Where To Stay

As a well established tourist location, Brits on cheap Sousse holidays will be sure to find accommodation to their liking. There are a number of large resort complexes here, such as Scheherazade Hotel Sousse and Marhaba Royal Salem, which can make the perfect base for families. Couples on romantic getaways will also find a number of attractive locations, such as the Hotel El Ksar.

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