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Holidays to Hammamet


A flourishing town on the eastern coast of Tunisia, Hammamet is well suited to provide European tourists with a touch of luxury. It has been a popular resort in Tunisia since the 1920s when it was popular with writers and artists coming here to soak up its laid back vibe. Not much has changed since then, Hammamet is still popular and the cooling waters of the Mediterranean and numerous cafes providing a welcome relief from the North African sun still brings people here today.

With a mix of Mediterranean and semi-arid climates, the temperature in the resort stays high, while the weather remains dry. This means that the town can be used as a year-round hotspot which can provide welcome relief from the British winter.


Things To Do

When you’re away from the beach, take time to visit Hammamet’s medina, a place where you can get lost in the maze of alleyways and find yourself absorbed in the scents of aromatic spices and among the fun chaos of the souk. If you fancy your chances at haggling, see if you can pick up an authentic Tunisian rug or handmade jewellery for a bargain that you can take back home as a souvenir.

There are also a number of cultural options to enjoy. The old fortress and the Great Mosque are well worth a look, or you could choose to while away the hours in one of Hammamet’s luxury gardens.


There are a number of beaches, including the large Hammamet Sud, which has calm waters, plenty of sun loungers and is well geared up for waterborne activities. Whether this is snorkelling, jet skiing or paragliding, there is sure to be something to take your fancy. However, if you wish to stay on the sand, then there is plenty of space to lay out your towel and soak up the sun. You could even check out the short camel rides that take place along the beach.

Food And Drink

Due to its history, Tunisia has developed a unique blend of Mediterranean and desert cuisine, often with a fiery flavour. Such dishes can be enjoyed at a number of eateries in Hammamet, such as Le Barberousse and Sidi Bouhdid. While in the town, why not try couscous, which is also Tunisia’s national dish. This is often served with lamb or chicken, but can sometimes contain fish, such as red snapper. Hammamet certainly likes its traditional food another favourite here is Ojja, a Tunisian poached egg dish that is easily found throughout the resort.

That said, if you are feeling homesick then there are also many places that serve international and British dishes, including The Steakhouse and The Rovers Return Inn. For something substantial, head into the New Town where seafood restaurants serve up delicious dinners and then give way to lively bars as the evening changes into the early hours.

Anyone expecting the resort to quieten down at night will be in for a big surprise, with many bars and clubs open into the early hours. Finding a drinking hole in the main square area will mean that you can watch street entertainment while you enjoy a beer with friends, or you can dance the night away at clubs such as Oasis and Calypso. A number of bars even serve local wines, which can be harder to find outside of Hammamet. For something more relaxing though, enjoy a cocktail down by the beach as the sun sets.

Where To Stay

There is a wide variety of hotels in the resort, ranging from all-inclusive to budget stays. This means that anyone looking for cheap Hammamet holidays will be sure to find a great deal. Complexes such as Vincci Taj Sultan lie close to the sea, while others, including the Hotel Mehari Hammamet, can provide a luxurious bed for a pleasant weekend or a longer trip.

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