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The Turkish Riviera region of Antalya is a versatile area that preserves the charming old while celebrating the modern new. Serving as the hub of the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, Antalya gives visitors the option do so much more than just brown their buns. Nestled among the towering Taurus Mountains, Antalya is home to a bustling city centre, with vibrant bazaars and shopping centres as well as beautiful historic architecture, breath-taking stretches of beaches and the clearest blue water. 

Things to Do

The old centre of Antalya town - Kaleici - is a must-visit. Tear yourself away from the beach for one day and explore Antalya’s cultural hub, which still retains much of its historical character. With no cars allowed in the centre, visitors can wander on foot and discover Kaleici’s narrow cobbled streets and bustling bazaar. If you’re looking to step up your relaxation efforts, a traditional hammam, or Turkish bath, will do the trick. The picturesque harbour is an ideal place to grab something to eat or drink, and is beautiful both day and night. From the harbour, set sail on a boat trip and spend the day on the water.

If you’re wanting to stay active during your holiday, Lara Beach will fit the bill. A luxury development of over 450 acres of land, the resort has a plethora of sports facilities - including football fields, beach volleyball courts, skating and cycling areas, and watersports- recreation areas for children, restaurants, cafes, a nightclub and even an amusement park! Situated close to one of the most famous beaches in Turkey, Lara Beach is quickly becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations.

With 640km of shore, it's little wonder Antalya is a firm-favourite with sun seekers. Whether you want to stay local and enjoy the modern amenities or take a drive and discover some of the quieter, more rustic beaches, there’s plenty of choice when you want to hit the beach. Belek is a family favourite with plenty of five-star hotels, while Side has an impressive collection of historic sites to visit and Alanya is the perfect peaceful seaside town.

Food and Drink

Turkish food might be coming increasingly popular in Britain but there really is no substitute for the real thing! Start off with a traditional Turkish meze, a tapas-style sampler with dips, yoghurts, olives, grilled vegetables and meats. For main dishes, köftes, kebabs, döners and köftesi are the order of the day, but with a variety of meats and vegetables in the place of customary British kebab-shop greasy fare! Baklava is a customary sweet treat or dessert. Layers of pastry surround nuts, sugar and spices, drizzled with honey, and is the ultimate treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Holiday Resorts in Antalya

Top Holiday Resorts In Antalya

image of Alanya


Situated in the Antalya province, Alanya is one of Turkey's most popular beach resorts, playing home to some of the prettiest beaches in the country.

image of Belek


Belek is a smart resort with an air of exclusivity on the Turkish Riviera, dominated by 5-star hotels, golf courses and huge stretch of spacious beach.

image of Lara Beach

Lara Beach

Lara Beach is a resort not to be forgotten in a hurry - jokingly nicknamed 'Turkey's answer to Las Vegas', the resort has many hotels that resemble famous world landmarks.

Location of Antalya

Key Facts

  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Time Difference from UK: 2
  • Flight time: 3.5 hours
  • When to go: May-Sept