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Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey and is a metropolitan area of over 3 and a half million people. The city is a well developed area made up of many modern districts. It has a huge economical centre surrounded by picturesque Turkish mountains and wide boulevards of shops. There are many quirky aspects to Izmir, like old cinemas and popular Turkish food and material markets.

Things to Do

Why not visit the Konak square to experience Izmir's clock tower and see the symbols of the city? A famous attraction in Izmir is also the Asansor Elevator, which was built by a Jewish businessman in 1907 which has recently been restored for the use of tourists and now works by the use of electricity. The beaches in Izmir are another reason why it is popular; due to it being on the coastline of the Aegean Sea the beaches are perfectly blue. Izmir is very family friendly and popular with families is the Teleferik cable car.

Food and Drink

Izmir use a blend of Mediterranean traditions to create beautiful and rich dishes. For breakfast there is a choice of seeded breads with butter and feta cheeses and olives, For lunch, food in Izmir is very lights consisting of salads and chips with dips. Whereas food in the evening tends to be very rich and full of quality often made up of beef and turkey into juicy kebabs.

Location of Izmir

Key Facts

  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Time Difference from UK: 2
  • Flight time: 3.5 hours
  • When to go: May-Sept