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Adventure Holidays

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If you’re looking to book a trip entirely dedicated to exploring unique places and thrilling adventures, this is the ideal type of holiday for you. Adventure holidays offer exciting new experiences, cultures and activities that are exclusive to the amazing destination you are looking to discover, setting it apart from your usual holiday expectations.

Enjoy a host of diverse adventures for your next active getaway, whether that’s paddleboarding or windsurfing in Australia, cruising atop the mesmerising Damnoen Saduak floating market in Thailand, or embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime diving holiday across the Greek Isles and swimming alongside the colourful coral reefs.

What Is An Adventure Holiday?

Adventure holidays are all about experiencing new things, away from the typical all-inclusive beach holiday, encouraging you to embark on inspiring adventures that you simply can’t experience back home. The meaning of what an adventure holiday is varies between different people. However, overall it is considered to be when holiday travellers set out to enjoy the exciting activities offered within a country, or across several destinations, all of which push you outside your comfort zone and provide lifelong memories of thrilling experiences.

When Is The Best Time To Book An Adventure Holiday?

Obviously, timings totally depend on which country you are holidaying to, as ideal booking times and seasons really can vary. If you’re looking to book an adventure holiday filled with safari drives or a vineyard tour, it’s best to book your break while the sun is still shining and the temperatures are still warm. The best time for these types of trips is between the months of April, right until late September (dependent on the country of course). If you’re on a budget, April and September are brilliant months to book, since these are outside of school holiday times, equaling to reduced waiting times, less tourist demand and generally cheaper prices overall.

Or, if you’re looking to go skiing in the alps, ice fishing or snowmobiling in snowy Canada, it's best to book a trip in the early season, from mid-November to mid-December (when prices are a little lower).

What Countries Are The Best For Adventure?

Destinations all over the globe provide great scope for adventure holidays, offering enchanting activities to enjoy - come rain or shine. Hike up the famous, snow-capped mountain - Kilimanjaro, ride horseback across the mossy hills, or venture on an Enbos Saut waterfall trail in Tanzania. Australia is another perfect holiday destination, where travellers can experience a little slice of everything, from walking trips on a Three-day Margaret river tour, to South Australia wine tours. Or, if you’re looking to experience wild water sport activities, visit Portugal’s surfing Mecca: Ericeira.

What Activities To Explore On An Adventure Trip?

It comes as no surprise that these types of holidays allow travellers to uncover the exciting world of adventure, within any chosen destination. The activities you want to embark on during your trip wholly depend on your fitness levels and of course, your interests. Adventure holidays offer a myriad of activities to explore and enjoy - choose from volcano hiking, walking tours, camping safaris, Kilimanjaro climbing and rock climbing, as well as cycling, rafting, kayaking or canyoning trips, to name just a few.



Portugal has long been a favourite with sun worshipers thanks to its beautiful beaches, which lie along a coastline filled with sublime scenery and imposing cliffs.



Whether you want dusk-til-dawn parties or absolute seclusion, Thailand is an exciting, diverse, beautiful and culturally-rich paradise.