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Unusual Holidays

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Unusual holidays are your chance to venture off into the unknown, discover remarkable cultures, try incredible and exhilarating activities and lose yourself in magical cities and exceptional landscapes.

While we all need to relax on the beach and let our hair down every now and again, it’s essential we discover and explore destinations off the beaten track, too. Unique trips get you out of your usual holiday routine, and revitalise your outlook on life when you travel. There are endless amazing countries to see, mountains to climb, people to meet and oceans to swim in. So, go discover an array of unique experiences.

What Is An Unusual Holiday?

An unusual holiday is different for each and every person, but it tends to be anything out of the ordinary, involving unique destinations or activities you don’t usually get to try in everyday life.

While we all love to sizzle on the beach in Portugal, visiting orangutan sanctuaries in Malaysia and getting involved in wildlife conservation with the locals is pretty out of the ordinary for many of us. Plus, holidaymakers don’t need to go to the other side of the world to experience different and exciting holidays; any holiday can be original when you combine the familiar with the unfamiliar. Try a kayaking trip in Spain, a walking tour in the Alps, or a yoga holiday in Valencia.

How To Choose An Unusual Holiday?

Choose a holiday that peaks your curiosity and do something you might never get the chance to do again, but make sure you keep in mind what you like and what you don’t. Some travellers will love spending hours trekking hills and mountains, while for others a relaxing spa-inspired holiday is their idea of heaven.

Exclusive holidays come in all shapes and sizes, so there are experiences and places to suit all kinds of tastes. These type of holidays allow you to enjoy time away from home, while stepping outside of your comfort zone to tick some incredible experiences off your bucket list.

What Countries Are The Best For A Unique Holiday?

Unique holidays can be found anywhere and everywhere, from the UK to Europe and beyond, but for many of us, truly diverse experiences are found in far-flung destinations. There are always hidden gems in unexpected places, too, from ocean safaris in Gambia, to cacao tours in Mexico, so make sure you think outside the box.

Many holidaymakers enjoy exposing their taste buds to different spices in China for a week, while others have their hopes set on traversing the rocky mountains outside Oman, and witnessing the stars from the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.

So, whether you’re heading to Austria or Antigua, get out there and experience the unusual and unique, at



Oman offers a great alternative to the popular and often crowded tourist resorts of the UAE. Combining high quality Arabian luxury with stunning scenery and immaculate sandy beaches, Oman is a great place for families seeking a classy modern getaway.



Colourful and vibrant, Africa’s smallest nation offers guaranteed sunshine only 6 hours from the UK!



Visit Mexico and experience the best of both worlds. There’s the warm pacific waters and jungle landscapes on one side, and the stunning Caribbean coast and fabulous coral reefs on the other.