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14 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Greece

We’re at the stage of the year where you’re probably craving that next break abroad and eyeing up a trip to sunnier surroundings. The weather is cold and gloomy, work might be getting a little stressful, and all your Facebook friends seem hell-bent on rubbing their gorgeous getaways in your face with every status and photo upload.

Perhaps you’re not quite sure which holiday hotspot you actually want to visit, but we think we’ve got the perfect place to suit your travel needs - Greece!

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s exactly why we’re going to now stop waffling and not tell you why this beautiful area of the Mediterranean should be your next port of call, but show you instead…

1) Santorini

Beach In Santorini, Greece

2) Mykonos

Beach In Mykonos, Greece

3) Zante

Beach In Zante, Greece

4) Kos

Beach In Kos, Greece

5) Kefalonia

Beach In Kefalonia, Greece

6) Halkidiki

Beach In Halkidiki, Greece

7) Corfu

Beach In Corfu, Greece

8) Rhodes

Beach In Rhodes, Greece

9) Lefkada

Beach In Lefkada, Greece

10) Milos

Beach In Milos, Greece

11) Naxos

Beach In Naxos, Greece

12) Paros

Beach In Paros, Greece

13) Skiathos

Beach In Skiathos, Greece

14) Amorgos

Beach In Amorgos, Greece

Have we convinced you to take a trip to Greece? What’s your favourite Greek island? Let us know by tweeting @icelollyholiday!

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